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    ArMatrix Weapons

    ArMatrix LP-10
    ArMatrix BC-10
    ArMatrix BP-10
    ArMatrix LR-10
    ArMatrix SB-10
    ArMatrix LB-15
    ArMatrix LP-15


    EWE EP 2 Proton
    Modec VXT 100
    Sollomate Rubio
    Skilldek Lancehead
    Skildek P 40
    Trekkies Delight 4
    Jester D-1
    Hilqa Knife M2
    Sollomate Azuro
    Mann MPH
    Shayeb S10
    Grindhouse Sleaze
    Mako Fal-1
    EWE EP-13 Galactica
    Machine Pistol Silenced mk IV


    Omegaton B101
    Marshal Laser Amp Mk I
    Bullseye I


    Heran Armor Harness
    Heran Armor Helmet
    ARC Guardian Harness
    Pixie Thigh Guards
    Heran Armor Thigh Guards
    Heran Armor Arm Guards
    Pixie Arm Guards
    Rifi Armor Arm Guards
    Settler Gloves
    Warrior Foot Guards
    Pixie Shin Guards


    Imperium Armor Plating I


    Omegaton Fast Aid FAP-5

    Mining Gear

    Finder F-101
    Resource Extractor RE-101

    Shopkeeper owned by Nigel Deatz O'Guiness

    Armor on shopkeeper
    Makhetta harness
    Makhetta armguards
    Makhetta helmet
    Makhetta shoes
    Makhettat high guards
    Makhetta footguards
    Makhetta gloves

    Shopkeeper inventory

    hdna 10 stack x3
    hdna 20 stack x3
    bjornir precision scope x2
    modek 300 x2
    modek 700
    Terramaster 1x4
    Transformer T-102 x4

    more to come soon
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