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Monria Player Hits 31,621 PED Hunting Loot


On 10 Feb 2016, at approximately 04:32am Entropia Universe time, Eric Shade Avenged hit the biggest Hall of Fame in his entire virtual life while hunting on Monria. The value was 31,621 PED (Project Entropia Dollars), which is the in-game currency, and worth 3,162.10 USD. Since Entropia Universe operates with a Real Cash Economy (RCE) where you can deposit funds to play, but also withdraw invested funds, Shade has the option of withdrawing the USD value into his real life bank account. However, word is that he has his eye on a Monria Shop with plans to start a virtual business.


According to Shade, "The night started with me getting all suited up to go hunt some Shub from Cave 4 all the way to the Shub Cavern. I saw that Slinkii was out there hitting a few Globals on Shub Viragos, so I decided to stick with the medium maturity Shub. I threw my Ghoul armor set on, grabbed 400 PED in ammo, threw my amp on my Isis LLC 30, and I was ready to go. Here I am, standing at the Cave 4 Teleporter with no expectations of this hunt turning out well based on previous runs. So I run out and begin shooting the first Shub I see. Little did I know, it was also the last Shub that I would see that night. After getting the GIGANTIC Hall of Fame from the first Shub I killed, that was the end of my hunting expedition. As if I didn't already have so many great reasons to love Monria, this is just the icing on the cake."


There's also a good samaritan side to Shade. Periodically, players are put into a position where they are hunting creatures and get mediocre loot, and then someone comes along and gets a nice size Global or HoF. Shade definitely knows the feeling, and although it's part of the nature of the game, it can feel a bit brutal at times. He couldn't imagine how enraged Slinkii must have been, because Shade knew that if the tables were turned, he would have felt this way. So right after his HoF, Shade told Slinkii to meet him at the Monria Hub where he surprised him with 500 PED. "What is the good of having loads of PED if you can't share it every now and then?"


Shade has been playing Entropia Universe for four years now, and says that it was his most memorable experience yet, and he never thought that he would get a loot this big, but then says, "This just shows that it can happen at any time, to any of us."


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