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Monria Player Hits 30,685 PED Mining Tower


On 13 Feb 2016, at approximately 18:48pm Entropia Universe time, Sunsout Tacotuesday Gunsout hit his biggest Hall of Fame mining on Monria during their Valentine's Day Event. The value of the mining tower was 30,685 PED (Project Entropia Dollars), which is the in-game currency, and converts to a worth of 3,068.50 USD. Since Entropia Universe operates with a Real Cash Economy (RCE) where you can deposit funds to play, but also withdraw invested funds, Taco has the option of withdrawing the USD value into his real life bank account.


Monria's Valentine's Day Event had both a hunting and mining competition going on, and Taco wanted to win in mining, because there was a Monria apartment at stake. He purchased two level 13 amps for his mining finder and set out on a mission to hit the largest Global or HoF (Hall of Fame) on either Maladrite Stone, or Zoldenite Dust, which are two resources unique to Monria, and the only two resources that qualified in the competition.He stated that he also used Universal Ammo instead of mining probes for the first time. Taco shared that the first level 13 amp didn't bring any luck, but the second level 13 amp on the 4th drop gave him the massive Ares Head mining tower. While this particular resource didn't qualify for the mining category in the competition, Taco went on to get a high enough mining loot in Zoldenite Dust to win himself a Monria apartment.


Several players were asking Taco about his skills and what equipment he used, so he gave us the breakdown. He is a Level 50 Prospector/Miner naturally (meaning, that he didn't chip in any skills), but shares that he would be well over Level 50 easily if he hadn't chipped out hundreds of PED mining skills over the years. This was his first 5-digit mining find ever. He says his first 2-3 years was solely spent mining, but in the 3-4 years after that, he still drops 2-3 random amps every couple of days on average, and about 8-10 per week, which are usually Level 5 or D-Class amps. He was using an unenhanced TK-320 mining finder when he got his 30k+ tower, and shared that he usually saves it for rare ore mining, but so many people were mining during Monria's Valentine's Day Event, that he wanted to go as deep as possible.


In Taco's own words -- "People here are so nice...I love Monria!"


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