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Story - Prologue


-Excerpt from classified DSEC database-


DSEC, short for Deep Space Extraction Corporation, established a base on the Monria planetoid, which was once a moon orbiting a nearby planet. DSEC found rich deposits of ore during the initial exploration and drilling phase. High grade Maladrite and Zoldenite ore deposits were found in several locations on Monria, making the find the most valuable in this system.


After the initial exploration, full-scale mining operations penetrated deeper inside Monria’s surface. It came as a shock to discover water beneath the surface and conditions suitable for organic life. Volcanic activity released enough Co2 gases to sustain a living ecosystem within the naturally formed caves. Dreams of fully terraforming Monria began to take shape, as cutting expensive food import costs would have seriously improved the company’s bottom line.


Seismic tests showed an unexplained network chain of tunnels beneath the surface in several locations, as well as a relatively high concentration of electromagnetic radiation originating from within those locations. DSEC’s scientists scrambled to find a reasonable explanation for the nature of these anomalies. Plutonium and Uranium were initially considered as potential sources of radiation in combination with the volcanic activity, though the level of those readings didn’t quite satisfy a few skeptics among the scientific team.


Six months into the project, a mining crew lost contact with the surface HQ. The radio communications stopped abruptly. The crew’s last communication mentioned that mining excavations had crossed into one of the mysterious tunnels, claiming a light source similar to natural sunlight was emanating from that tunnel.


A security team was dispatched immediately. It took the team approximately one hour to reach the dig site. The security team found the machines abandoned and a strange light coming out of the tunnel ahead. There was no sign of the mining crew.


Upon entering the tunnel, the team was shocked to discover huge halls full of lush green vegetation and waterfalls. Weird looking crystals were providing a natural source of light.


A familiar looking vehicle that resembled a hover bike was sitting near a weird looking tree, overgrown with vegetation. The vehicle seemed to be in top shape and recently used. Upon closer inspection, the inscription “Church of Cthulhu” was written in green on a purple-black logo background, stamped on the visible part of the engine. The shockingly weird finding was radioed in to the surface HQ, after which the team was quickly recalled to the surface.


Top scientist Trip Kaminsky, the oldest member of the crew at the respectable age of 170, recalled a legend about a Church of Cthulhu that took the life of many around 1250 years ago. Millions were slaughtered on many planets following the rise of this cult, without much explanation and understanding of the reasons behind it. The Church had created a parallel world within the society and used advanced technologies of unknown origin. All attempts to fight the cultists using conventional weapons ended in abject failure. Then suddenly and without explanation, their ships departed without a trace, leaving lots of corpses behind, many of which belonged to their own followers. No attempt was made to pursue this mysterious cult, as no government was crazy enough to waste precious resources and lives on chasing a technologically superior foe. The cult has remained a mystery ever since, though myths and speculations abounded through the ages, spawning a series of popular books and shows trying to explain the unexplainable.