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  1. Daughter of Anarchy

    Monria's Valentine's Day Event | Win Apartments

    Will there be increased spawns (like on cultist event) or just the regular ones?
  2. Daughter of Anarchy

    Monria Wiki Event -- Who will win the next apartment.

    In response to the change of rules posted here (posted it here too, because it looks like I'm not allowed to post in that section of the forum - which I totally understand since it's announcement section after all): I am aware that because of this post I will get everyone on my head, but...
  3. Daughter of Anarchy

    West Crater Cultist Event

    I have to agree... due to my low level I wasn't able to even dream on competing in the event... still I was there healing a friend and I have to say it was a really amazingly fun event... So big grats to the winners, to everyone who managed to kill at least one mob (which I couldn't - hahaha)...
  4. Daughter of Anarchy

    West Crater Cultist Event

    While it is definitely not an event I could have any chance to participate in (I can't kill even one of the lowest level ones), I have to say that this sounds like a great event and I totally love everything on it... starting with the banner and ending with the prizes which are just "OMG"... so...
  5. Daughter of Anarchy

    When it all blows up in your face!

    Better be a) looting b) kidding I call for a vote! :p /me blinks inocently
  6. Daughter of Anarchy

    When it all blows up in your face!

    Can I be the next one that loots DME? Please? Pretty please? ;) (and before someone jumps on me - obviously kidding)
  7. Daughter of Anarchy

    When it all blows up in your face!

    As a rule of thumb, all guns which say on Skill Increase Bonus (SIB) "NEVER" are old-school guns which are not maxed 'till level 100 in your skill profession and are not even acceptably eco 'till at least 70-80+. But, oh boy... wish I would afford myself such extravagances too - lol
  8. Daughter of Anarchy

    Player Quotes That Deserve Recognition

    Here it is: 2016-01-09 15:48:47 [#monria] [Daughter of Anarchy] Btw, Anhithe, how come you don't have a star? 2016-01-09 15:49:05 [#monria] [rookie bluu 12] coause he s one? :o 2016-01-09 15:49:05 [#monria] [Daughter of Anarchy] As in on ark officials had a star over their heads 2016-01-09...
  9. Daughter of Anarchy

    When it all blows up in your face!

    Entropia Universe needs more relaxed people that play for fun like you DM. :p And I don't talk here mostly about feeding the loot pools (hahaha), but more about the fact that you manage to see the bright side in any adventure and you know to tell the story in such a way that everyone will...
  10. Daughter of Anarchy

    He was just looking for some Zoldenite Dust

    I love reading your stories; please keep them coming. :D Also big grats for your global! :)
  11. Daughter of Anarchy

    Skill versus Talent versus Luck

    I don't believe there is any such thing as a hidden "talent" / "luck" factor which is avatar based, and, given a big enough statistical sample and similar conditions (as in using same setup, etc) any two avatars would get very similar results. I may be wrong, but in my perspective things are...
  12. Daughter of Anarchy

    Run the caves they said.

    Really nice story and pictures, DM! :) Also big grats for getting all the TPs! :)
  13. Daughter of Anarchy

    Tribute to Alan Rickman - aka / Severus Snape

    Not a series fan, but he definitely had an amazing interpretation in there. May he rest in peace!
  14. Daughter of Anarchy

    More Snapshots from my Run the Caves adventure.

    Not so excited about the combat screenies (I prefer old, classic weapons), but I have to say that the caves landscape looks absolutely awesome - I totally love how they look, truly unique in EU if you ask me. :)
  15. Daughter of Anarchy

    Tribute to David Bowie

    Just like with Anthithe, my personal favorite is Space Oddity, but since this was already mentioned (as well as a few other great examples), I will pay my respect to a true one-of-a-kind rock legend by posting another song of his I love, and I talk here about Changes... the lyrics are about...
  16. Daughter of Anarchy


    Indeed, people like you that sticked in game for years and which maintain their friendship for all those year are an inspiration to us, newcomers; thanks for setting such a great example! :)
  17. Daughter of Anarchy

    TeamSpeak? /hi nick here

    They offer USA, Germany and Russia as possible locations and TBH I tried them all and didn't noticed any noticeable delays on any of them, so I eventually picked up Russia because is closest of my location (and maybe also for political reasons, but that's not the place to comment here :P), but...
  18. Daughter of Anarchy

    TeamSpeak? /hi nick here

    I could easily set one online (actually I have more than one that I "bought" and which I use for different things), but I preferred to just link the site and not create it myself, in case the officials wanna do it and be the one having admin rights over the server. :)
  19. Daughter of Anarchy

    TeamSpeak? /hi nick here

    Hellcome to Entropia Universe, Monria moon and its forum, Nick! :) May your stay be a long and glorious one! :) About TS, I suggest as an alternative Mumble (lighter on resources consumption and simpler to use without alt the fancy stuff of TS), and if we do so, here's a company offering free...
  20. Daughter of Anarchy

    Delighted and frustrated........

    Automated printscreens are based on reading your log file and (obviously) having the option enabled in tracker's settings. Presuming is not the case of forgetting to link the log file or enable the options, the only known bug I heard of it the following: if you have the "autobackup" feature...
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