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  1. Jo Brazil

    Newly Posted Officials!

    Sometimes, if you're at south crater, you may see a couple of new officials standing in the lineup near the TP. Drifter and I looking important at the South Crater...
  2. Jo Brazil

    My Monrian Globals, HoFs and Discoveries!

    Ok, So I'm back, I finally got to put some money in to take care of things, went out hunting and mining (IE: Munting) and low and behold... only had a like 4 hits out of like 90 peds worth of probes, three of em were reasonably decent a size X Lyst, a size IX Quant and a size VIII Crude oil...
  3. Jo Brazil

    Decided to Finally Say HI! officially

    Hey all, I've been a member here since Ant first told our Soc he was bidding on the Moon... Here's a little about me. Joseph (Joe) Brazil... Member of The Knights of Entropia, currently a Captain (formerly a Colonel, till I was demoted for going MIA), The folks in the Soc call me Kendra Jo or...
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