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  1. Kingu

    Having blue screen issues again ... would like some advice please.

    Try look at this.. I am not a tech guy but the tricks explained seem to have helped many.. hope it dont break forum rule to link outside eu :)
  2. Kingu

    Hello from Wrench Crowbar

    Great video Wrench.. sorry not more CotS was availible at the time
  3. Kingu

    Hello from Wrench Crowbar

    we will try gather up as many CotS we can for the event in full gear :) Cheers Kingu
  4. Kingu


    Grats Buddy.. Well deserved :)
  5. Kingu

    Monria Quarterly | June 2020

    Great work on this issue :D Loved the updated info and all the work Monria staff put in to this and all the work done for MB and active players on Monria... I cant wait for follow up :)
  6. Kingu

    Monria dance :P :)

    hahaha, Yeah would be great fun to get MA onboard on that emote :thumbsup:jumpclap:laughing2
  7. Kingu

    Monria dance :P :)

    Speedy feet for sure :P :)
  8. Kingu

    Hello Monrians :)

    Glad you found the way to forum MC :) And happy to have you as member :D
  9. Kingu

    Monria Event | Decca Masterminding Something Sinister

    Congratulations to all the winners
  10. Kingu

    Hi from lux

    welcome to Monria Guudlux :)
  11. Kingu

    Gonna try to boost economy a little in monria

    Make sure you max the time there now Tataion and pick 2 ped free ammo and progress/sweat them low monuras :)
  12. Kingu


    Hello Munk, Welcome to Monria and hope you will enjoy it as much as rest of us do :)
  13. Kingu


    Grats on them Horns Vlad. well done and good work m8 :)
  14. Kingu

    Hello Monria

    Hello Athena and welcome :)
  15. Kingu

    A very frightening experience today -- Tuesday, May 12th

    Thats one scary ride :/ Glad you are well and safe at least DME <3 You take the time needed to get back to normal pulse and relax before thinking of the game :) I know that will be hard but you need some YOU time now :) Stay safe and take good care until warm hugs :)
  16. Kingu

    Monria Event | Dagon, Hydra & the Deep Ones | Sat, May 16th

    Pls register: CotS on Monria TeamLeader: Kingu KinguXnoX Kingu
  17. Kingu

    Monria | Happy Birthday "Kendra"

    Happy Birthday Kendra :)
  18. Kingu

    Monria Event | The "Crawling Chaos" Steps Out of the Shadows

    Big thank you to Monria staff and support for the event,, Congratulations to all winners
  19. Kingu

    Monria Event | The "Crawling Chaos" Steps Out of the Shadows

    i will guess 623 And pls register CotS on Monria Teamleader: Kingu KinguXnoX Kingu
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