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    Monrian Born | Arkadia Field Trip | Apr 27 - 29, 2018

    i will join the fieldtrip love to explore new planets
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    Monria ``discipleship`` armour

    this would be great monria would have his own armour dark texture with some shiny bits . It would be awesome and something special to monria
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    Monrian Born Program | How It Works

    ohh i was playing on youtube and saw this game. Looked very interesting so i googled for more info and checked couple planets but i saw this one was pretty cool not as big as caly but a very nice community so i picked monria
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    Monria Space Travel Program / Sign-up List

    hey all, My ingame name is Maurice Darkmoon Rising and i am monrian born
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    Monrian Born Program | How It Works

    Hey all, My ingame name is Maurice Darkoon Rising. I am Monrian born and its awesome to find a great community like this so they help people
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    just saying hi to all

    This is my first day i play this game. I hope this game will be awesome and i will meet great people here
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