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    Monria | 12 Hr Global Prize Giveaway | "Cult of the Skull" Revealed

    with each guess i'm more and more pessimistic : 375
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    Monrian Born | Arkadia Field Trip | Apr 27 - 29, 2018

    tantra veda DeviSaraswati I will fly from NI to Arkadia beforehand at the beginning of next week. Great. I've been waiting this field trip for two months as it was in February when plans of the trip were discussed for the first time.
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    Monrian Born | Planet Calypso Field Trip | Fri, Mar 30th - Sun, Apr 1st

    I hope that even if today is exactly two months as I am in game I still can gain something from this field trip. And of course I would appreciate such field trip on Arkadia because I still have no Arkadian passport.
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    Yamato Repair Run | Wed, Mar 28th

    Count your Padawan in Master Kingu.
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    Full Cave TP Run

    I don't have Cave TP #4. Of course it's because a very strong mobs are there and there is nothing to do there for a noob like me. But I can participate to have all TPs open just for the sake of the completeness. Or there is some achievement for this ? BTW I am curious about one thing. You...
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    Monria | 12 Hr Global Prize Giveaway | Yog Valentine Distraction

    let me be somewhat pessimistic - 700
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    Monrian Born Program | How It Works

    Hello, I'm tantra veda DeviSaraswati a new Monrian born yesterday Jan, 24th My mentor is Kingu. Currently I'm waiting on Monria but can use my free transfer to Caly if that'll help.
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    Monria Space Travel Program / Sign-up List

    tantra veda DeviSaraswati Monria-Born.
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