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  1. WangXiang

    Wang's Moon Shop - Inventory List

    The inventory list above is frequently updated and reflects what you can actually find in the shop.
  2. WangXiang

    Monria Shops Inventory Tool | General Discussion

    This tool is fantastic. It helps me and potential customers knowing exactly what is in my shop inventory.
  3. WangXiang

    Monria Shops Inventory Tool | Suggestions

    This type of information can possibly be useful for some shop owners; I see it as a private and optional information only for the shop owner, if it helps. The system in its present form is already elaborated and will need some management by ALL shop owners to keep it up to date and useful...
  4. WangXiang

    Introducing | Monria Shops Inventory Tool

    And thank you for establishing the first inventory list for my shop :hi
  5. WangXiang

    Introducing | Monria Shops Inventory Tool

    I have just tested it and it seems very easy to use. Happy with this addition that is extremely useful for both shop owners and buyers :)
  6. WangXiang

    Introducing | Monria Shops Inventory Tool

    This is absolutely fantastic :jumpclap A great tool :thumbsup I will see how to use it later today
  7. WangXiang

    Shub HoF 547 ped

    Bien joué ! :jumpclap
  8. WangXiang

    Monria | St Patrick's Day Event | Cthulhu's Chaotic World | Mar 16th/17th

    In terms of organization and diversity of activities, I would say that this event has been one of the best events in EU I ever participated in. So many people on Monria... it was impressive :)
  9. WangXiang

    Monria VU 4.0 - The Celestial Prison

    I like this! :) and "... Colonel Wang at his stable..." will become famous :wavinghands:laugh Thank you for supporting taming :hi
  10. WangXiang

    Server Downtime for Release

    Nothing for us in the last release: This does not seem to be entirely true :) If Planet Calypso Content Release notes are correct, I read that "Generic Fuses can now be found on Monria". :jumpclap
  11. WangXiang

    starting the game problem!

    Maybe this could help you to find the solution. Question: Failed accessing the update server. - Page 3
  12. WangXiang

    Avatar minimum level needed to tame Monria pets

    As a rule of thumb, I would say you can tame mobs whose level is lower or equal to your pet taming level. Evade skills are important too. The fact that you can tame a mob doesn't mean it will be easy. Some mobs take longer to tame than others. Most Monria mobs are quite "hard" to tame (i.e. it...
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