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  1. Phobos

    Phobos global teh Hof Theard :)

    Glad to be back.double global...mission complete...
  2. Phobos

    Nice HoF and Monria Tower Nr. 2

    :damn internetI bet you did this afterwords :) I cant wait for my first tower i gonna scream like tarzan. Gratz ! :so cool
  3. Phobos

    Monria Release Notes October 15th, 2014

    a 7 ped one way teleport from Monria to Calypso has been added. LOVE This! No more pirate threats....
  4. Phobos

    Mining hitrate in various locations

    Mining has been terrible for me the last couple of weeks also, so i can feel ya..I got to pull my lmbl log thou, guess I'm to po'ed to look at it thou... Grrrr!
  5. Phobos

    Land Deeds? Come on!

    :winged:winged:winged:winged:winged:winged:winged:winged:winged:winged So I was thinking , everyone is getting on the Land Deed kick at the moment. What about Monria? I don't want to invest in Ark Underground or Calypso ok. :squiggle Thoughts..?
  6. Phobos

    My First Tower

    gratz ! and Onyar is right !
  7. Phobos

    Phobos global teh Hof Theard :)

    My biggest yet 2374 Vast Of growth! I was doing the happy dance ! unamped and lev 9 just broke before it happened :) Thanks Monria I love you lol.
  8. Phobos

    Another Mining HoF...

    Grtz. I hate that area tons of mobs :C
  9. Phobos

    Modec VXT 700 (L) tier hof & global lyst

    Hello , everyone I have to say I had a great time visiting Monria! I looted a the Vxt and went to town with it :). And globed some lyst the same day unamped. :)) Thx!
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