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  1. xXSqUaLLXx

    Mining hitrate in various locations

    800 drops is nothing :p especially in dual drop. I have example of people doing good on Monria since VU too, so I don't think anything changed. It happens, not what you want to hear I suppose.
  2. xXSqUaLLXx

    11+ Monria HOFs in one day from one player

    I think the champion we have, is no more than me.Gratz to me !!!! :D
  3. xXSqUaLLXx

    DSEC Seeker L30 Crafted

    and with double probes drop ;).
  4. xXSqUaLLXx

    Modec VXT 700 (L) tier hof & global lyst

    Gratz, It looks like it was a nice day on Monria, I wish you many more to come :D
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