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    sweat shop?

    I seem to remember a while back there was a shop that sold stacks of sweat somewhere on Monria? Does it still exist, and if so, where is it? I know there's another place that does similar on Arkadia, but am looking for something here.
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    field trips/special events

    One thing I might suggest may be to do TWO special events during the trips. one as it is with the 'shared loot' big spawns for everyone and a second one just for the monria born. My understanding of the way the event system works is that you can essentially rent out a Land Area type space and...
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    Chapter 4

    I believe Mindark will let you pay them 1k to get items back that were TTed.
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    Entropia Universe Release Notes 16.0.0

    right click on claim in inventory and summon.
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    Does passive give more experience?

    When passive is activated on pet the pet eats more nutrio per hour, but does that result in more experience gained or is it just an extra luxury cost?
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    Broken home :(

    damn cthulu spells hiding the world from us again?
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    Monrian Plating Blueprints

    might be interesting if new bp could be made that creates armor plating by mixing several of the other monria plating things together.
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    New Pets Introduced with Monria VU 3.0

    being buffy ain't cheap. You do get a bit of an advantage, but it's a pricey one.
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    MCAT | A new Community Initiative Program (CIP)

    For t.p. runs maybe monria leadership can buy a wormhole chip?
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    Just a thought from a miner's perspective

    I think the TT has something that does the opposite and pulls mobs to it. Maybe you could use that to clear yourself a mining spot?
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    Animal Muscle Oil

    anything with higher level markup than muscle oil is a good thing any time in any loot window.
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    Exploring outside craters and tunnels

    If that can't be fixed, perhaps you could have them lower the sea level itself so to speak so that the full landscape map, including the top is below 450 meter level? Not sure if that would make crater bottom inaccessible though?
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    Exploring outside craters and tunnels

    could be interesting to put some walkways over the craters, or perhaps something interesting like some way to climb up there on some sort of climbing wall you have to jump in specific locations to get up... sort of like the platformer instances on some other planets.
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    Another suggestion for Monrian Armor

    a quick google search for 'lovecraft armor' or 'cthulu armor' can get you quite a few ideas for inspiration. ;)
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    Pick your weapon.. (Part VI - Melee)

    can't tame anything with a gun :)
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    Monria ``discipleship`` armour

    design it so you look like a cultist.
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    Future mob/mission ideas

    isn't 1920s supposedly the timeframe of the original folks that came in? A nice little set of weapons and clothes from that era could be interesting... Bring on the tuxedos, cocktail dress, old time shot guns, etc.
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    Countdown to Paddy's Day Event 2018

    nice posters.
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    Monria VU 3.0 - His Master's Voice

    sounds interesting.
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