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  1. SuperFly

    Monrian Born | Toulan Field Trip | Fri, July 10th - to - Sun, July 12th

    here is a solution of your problem: Help: - [Toulan] The client crashes with exception after 29 Jan 2010 update
  2. SuperFly

    Official Policy Regarding Participant-Organized Events

    this "All participant-organized events or activities that include any sort of randomized winner selection and/or prize distribution process or component are prohibited in Entropia Universe." no more: - RANDOM GLOBAL/HOF PRIZES - GUESS THE 12 HR GLOBALS/HOFS TOTAL AND WIN 100 PED - get a solo...
  3. SuperFly

    WTS/WTT Level 7 [WolperTinger Pet]

  4. SuperFly

    Monria | 2020 St Patrick's Day Event | Yog-Sothoth has the Necronomicon

    My guess is 2777 :shooting :yog sothoth :whip
  5. SuperFly

    WTS/WTT Level 7 [WolperTinger Pet]

  6. SuperFly

    WTS/WTT Level 7 [WolperTinger Pet]

  7. SuperFly

    Hi all. Just thought I would post an idea and ask what some of you would say....

    - CODEX - local mobs textures - more Monria-related BPs (which uses local mobs parts/skins as materials) - maldarite/zoldenite rig on Monria - daily pvp mission on the ring (Monria boxing gloves only) - new loot 2.0 Monria guns/blades
  8. SuperFly

    WTS/WTT Level 7 [WolperTinger Pet]

    Selling Level 7 [WolperTinger Pet] 175 PED or trade for low TT [Dominax Original Boiga, Adjusted] -- Leo SuperFly Phoenix
  9. SuperFly

    [Ecotron v.15e Prototype]

    Thank you, guys! P.S.: sold
  10. SuperFly

    [Ecotron v.15e Prototype]

    Taking offers on [Ecotron v.15e Prototype] DPP: 2.88 Eff: 57.2% TT: 100 PED Buyout price: TT+2500 SOLD
  11. SuperFly

    Selling Ares Imp/Aeglic Aug/Hermetic Mod

    [Ares Ring, Improved] TT+690 SOLD [Aeglic Ring, Augmented] TT+290 SOLD [Hermetic Ring, Modified] TT+90 Contact me: Leo SuperFly Phoenix
  12. SuperFly

    Selling FEN Claws, Weak/Archon's Sword+MTA4 combo

    [Argonaut Claws, Weak, FEN Edition] T0.9 DPP: 3.288 Eff: 78.2% TT: 45 PED Price: TT+9500 SOLD I can sell up to 100 PED Power Fist skill implant (your ESI) [Archon's Sword] T5.4+[Melee Trauma Amplifier 4] combo DPP: 3.026 Eff: 68.4% Tiering cost: 1082 PED TT / ~1750 PED with MU Price...
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