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    Monria Space Travel Program / Sign-up List

    Hi DME, I hope you been doing well, I am back in the game as rl is now calm again. If you can add me back on to the list I appreciated. Balam Balam TheKing Monria Apt Owner
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    Monria Event | Shogg & Yog Want Independence

    very nice event, hopefully I can be there :)
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    Monria 20 Tickets Event

    This indeed is exciting event! Cheers to the great idea!!
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    Routine Isn't Progress | Update 4

    Hi DM, I been bit busy with my society as they need re-organization and other works to be done. Yet, after I'm caught up with those needs, I will be updating the Wiki again :)
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    Crucial need of space gear

    If need, I can craft load of RK and ww for the program, just let me know how I can help here or in-game :)
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    DME's Open House/Pool Party | w/ AHR DJs | (Photos)

    Amazing! This is THE PENTHOUSE :clap Hope my schedule works out to be there :cheers
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    Happy Birthday | "Anhithe"

    Happy Birthday Ant :D Enjoy the day!!
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    Hair trimmer

    Total Beauty Center !! Great work E! :)
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    Happy Birthday | "E8ty2nd"

    Happy Birthday 82 :D
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    Wiki Competition - Winner Announced!

    haha nice one Sluggo, I don't even have rugs on the floor yet :p Need to have housewarming party for sure but will take time to furnish tho ><
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    Wiki Competition - Winner Announced!

    Thank you all!! It is great to have an apartment in Monria, I can finally call it my "home". :)
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    Monria's Valentine's Day Event | Win Apartments

    Gz to all winners, it was great event to be part of :)
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    My biggest tower :D

    Huge Gz to Taco!!
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    Woot I Got a Trophy

    Congrats Izz! Many are always waiting for your post :D
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    Forum Posting Guidelines

    Great guideline, thank you for putting it out there :)
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    Shade vs. Shub

    Already said in-game, but again GZ Shade!!
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    Monria's Valentine's Day Event | Win Apartments

    Another great event from Monria team, I love the valentine heart logo :)) Will see you all at the event :D
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    General Discussion | Monrians Selling From Apartments

    Very nice section to have, hope everyone benefit from all transaction opportunities :)
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    5 Week Hunting & Mining Most Globals Event

    Another great event! I will be registering at EL. GL to all who participate :)
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    Good to see you on the forum Mega!
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