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  1. Spawn

    Monria 2019 | St Patrick's Day Event | Results

    Congrats to all the winners..
  2. Spawn

    Monria | St Patrick's Day Event | Cthulhu's Chaotic World | Mar 16th/17th

    This parade was great fun, project Entropia like fun. Thx!
  3. Spawn

    Monria | St Patrick's Day Event | Cthulhu's Chaotic World | Mar 16th/17th

    please register: Team name: The Ministry at Monria Team captain: Storm Spawn Bootcamp
  4. Spawn

    Exploring outside craters and tunnels

    These glitches and the ability to move around places you are not supposed to go was always a big plus for project entropia. It adds depth and fun. Ask Oberon Nightseer How he feels about taking away the ability to drop stuff in the universe. Some bugfixes just take the spirit of the game away...
  5. Spawn

    New Pets Introduced with Monria VU 3.0

    That website is fantastic!
  6. Spawn


    I am out.. thank god. On my way to Toulan. Good luck with the lag.
  7. Spawn


    cannot log back in.. which is a shame, because I am expected at a society hunt on Toulan tonight.
  8. Spawn

    I'm daring to put it in writing what everybody wants....YOG HOF'S....

    Big multipliers happen with increasingly higher levels of mobs. In the old days you could hof on an atrax young (calypso mob), it's a level 7 mob. Now hofs start from level 20 up usually. Yogs are level 3/4, The level 13/21 Yogs should be able to hof, but there is no think spawn of high level...
  9. Spawn

    Re Ask me Anything

    A good climber can get on the outside of the windows to peek inside.
  10. Spawn

    make a 'clean' leprechaun spawn...

    Spawn is good as it is. Because they are scarce now, and it is a challenge. This means there is no overkill of leprechaun's and this keeps the price up.
  11. Spawn

    Looking for a Monria shop to buy

    Thanks for this, yes a deal was closed today. So shop and display area now belong to one person again.
  12. Spawn

    Looking for a Monria shop to buy

    Well I can agree to that, Romeo. I will even give you a 500 ped discount to meet you halfway. So 2500 peds for the display. As for DME's sneer.. low blow. I have been a supporter of Monria from the beginning when you were still called Mindstar. I bought my shop when they became available. So...
  13. Spawn

    Looking for a Monria shop to buy

    To be precise: I made this deal with Romeo because the offer was 8k peds. I was clear what I wanted for my shop in my advert (11K PED). We made this deal because then he could still have the shop. What I am willing to do if anyone is to buy the shop to actually use it. Is give a free item...
  14. Spawn

    Looking for a Monria shop to buy

    My old shop is being resold for a higher price on planetcalypso auction atm. Chtylla tower shop nr 5.
  15. Spawn

    Yog sothoth

    you can find them around the edges of the crater.
  16. Spawn

    Ok..Question for the veteran players..Is loot better on a team or solo hunt?

    Hunting in team is : a) Fun b) Cheap (armor decay split by the group/healing cost/regen threshold/travel in the gungnir) c) Turnover of more peds means higher chance of getting swirlies d) Turnover of more damage per second means being able to kill big stuff economically e) As a follower of the...
  17. Spawn

    Chtylla tower Shop 5 display shop

  18. Spawn

    Monria VU 0.1 - Some bug fixes

    Yes Display areas are fixed, I run a shopkeeper from my display area now and sold the main shop. Can't let go of Monria..
  19. Spawn

    Chtylla tower Shop 5 display shop

    I still own the display area. I have placed a shopkeeper there with E.L.M weapons , some pets and a maddox III. Happy shopping!
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