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  1. draco1

    Monrian Born | Calypso Field Trip | July 14 - 16

    it was fun and i look for the next run
  2. draco1

    Filthy's Shop Blog

    MR. McNasty i have to give you props brother... I have enjoyed the moon for almost a year now and i can honestly say that you are one of the shop owners that really put the effort out their to keep the community up and running... I know we as a community have a great deal of shop owners and...
  3. draco1


    well let me be the first one to say welcome to the best game on earth and by far the best moon in the game. Here on monria we strive for a complete and hepfull comunity have any questions feel free to ask away on the chat room. Once again welcome and have fun....Draco..
  4. draco1

    A Hitman in town

    welcome hitman this is the best community arround. we strive for a helpfull community and hope that u find it fun and helpful.. Draco
  5. draco1

    Monria Space Travel Program | Schedule

    dme can u please help me i want to be added to the ship but cant figure it out please help
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