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  1. mastermesh

    Do Calypso gifts drop on Monria?

    Glad to hear it. A little trip from r.t. to the moon will be coming up for my avatar on Halloween then. Hope the pirates are handing out treats instead of the regular tricks
  2. mastermesh

    Do Calypso gifts drop on Monria?

    Never officially been on Monria on Halloween or Xmas. Do the freebie gifts from calypso show up on the holidays if avatar is here?
  3. mastermesh

    Event Suggestions

    Rocktropia DOES have some crafting missions, etc. Perhaps next field trip over there you can look around at how they are doing it.
  4. mastermesh

    Gunner's Goods now open

    haven't been on the moon in a while. Which pets are in stock in the shop? Been doing some pet shopping around the pet shops here on Calypso and they all don't have what I'm looking for.
  5. mastermesh

    Monria needs fashion!

    gothic and steam punk ideas come to mind...
  6. mastermesh

    Shorter Game Reset Time Windows for Mining

    Entropia is Dynamic. Cthulu be with you.
  7. mastermesh

    Loot 2.0? Loot 2.5?

    Suggestions on how we move from Loot 2.0 to Loot 2.5?
  8. mastermesh


    so far a bunch of ammo, fireworks, and a kitty have come out of the few boxes I've opened. Was hoping for something more interesting. Ah, well...
  9. mastermesh


    Gratz on the global last night DME! :)
  10. mastermesh

    Monria Space Travel Program | Schedule

    BTW what's cost on vip solo warps if they are available?
  11. mastermesh

    Monria Space Travel Program | Schedule

    so uh... converting... Friday & Sunday 3:00 PM Central Standard Time (Chicago Time) / Monria --> Arkadia 3:30 PM CST / Arkadia --> Calypso 4:00 PM CST / Calypso --> Rocktropia 4:30 PM CST / Rocktropia --> Monria got it. Can't usually do the trips on Friday because of work, but may start doing...
  12. mastermesh


    bring on the summer boxes!
  13. mastermesh

    Mining on Monria?

    Anyone have a tutorial or whatever on Monria mining? I sometimes drop a tt probe here and there when wandering around to see what happens, but almost every time it's nrf on Monria. There was one time I found a little smidge of Maldorite but that was it... Does monria mining work like the...
  14. mastermesh

    armor/weapon suggestions?!?

    so uh, for the big guys down at the bottom of the cave system (the level 49 ones) what's suggested weapon/armor choices and size of team?... Looking for some way to do the mission most eco way if possible.
  15. mastermesh

    Pet services and taming

    Nice service. Which trick do u train on. Some other forums suggest dance may be best but that higher level stuff like roll over is better. Not sure on best cost per click option on taming
  16. mastermesh

    crypto quest for diversity

    always thought he npcs at the space staition should have a purpose..
  17. mastermesh

    Monrian Sweat Program..more people buying for the program

    to add to the ideas... This is Monria... since sweat can be used in blueprints... well, there's a lot of story driven possibility there... add in the daily crafting mission... and well... even better... Perhaps create some cave instances that require sweat and monria specific loot to create a...
  18. mastermesh

    WTB - Monria Shop

    just add shopkeepers to the estates you already got...
  19. mastermesh

    Monrian Sweat Program..more people buying for the program

    interesting idea, but then it'd crush the market, and force the price to stay around there... in the past the price was higher, quite a bit higher... 5 peds or so when I started per k... I'm told it was 3-4 above that even further back... If they do an automated npc it should give out a lower...
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