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  1. Crafty Nana

    Monrian Born | Planet Calypso Field Trip | Fri, Jun 7th - Sun, Jun 9th

    ROFLMAO Great screenshots. :D Thank you everyone for the TP run... very much appreciate getting them again.
  2. Crafty Nana

    Monria | DME's Purple Penthouse

    It looks fantastic. :)
  3. Crafty Nana

    Happy Birthday | " Sith Meister "

    Late.. but ........... HAPPY BIRTHDAY I hope you had a great day. :)
  4. Crafty Nana

    Sweat Circle Photos - June 2019

    Sweat Circle Photos at DSEC Mining Camp -- June 1st
  5. Crafty Nana

    Forum Posting Guidelines

    Thank You for bumping this :)
  6. Crafty Nana

    I will be buying stuff on Monria Daily

    Have a great trip :)
  7. Crafty Nana

    MCAT | Sign Up for the Team

    Thank you :D I am the same time zone as you... game time -4 Kingston Ontario :D
  8. Crafty Nana

    MCAT | Sign Up for the Team

    Crafty Canadain Nana GMT -5 Eastern I will help in any way I can when I am on planert and with any infor I have when I am off planet. I am a lot when it is quiet at night and into the wee hours of the morning :D
  9. Crafty Nana

    Firn Board

    Any luck on finding what drops them yet? I look in every shop and shopkeeper I see :D
  10. Crafty Nana

    Happy Birthday | "Kendra"

    :happybirthday To You :happybirthday To You :happybirthday Dear Kendra :happybirthday To You Hope you have a wonderful day. :D From me and Amy.
  11. Crafty Nana

    Looking to buy shop on Monria

    i like looking in shops before auction. I'll be happy seeing another active shop :D Wishing you the best in you endeavors.
  12. Crafty Nana

    DME ... Wed, 5/1/19 ... mostly MIA

    I agree... resting and relaxing will do you a world of good. You have great people helping you on Monria, so no worries :) Hoping you are feeling better soon. *Hugs* :rockinmoon :grouphug
  13. Crafty Nana

    Jerkiness when trying to move in the Hub

    I thought all the Jerkiness was just my laggy puter and internet :) Also it effected my taming :)
  14. Crafty Nana

    Sith's Shop Inventory List

    Hi :) I bought a Moccasin whip. I am glad you carry them. 3 of your whips are not for sale. :) The shop is looking good. I like the plushies on display :D
  15. Crafty Nana

    I will be buying stuff on Monria Daily

    Thank you for providing this service. :)
  16. Crafty Nana

    3 HoF, Ironing shubs

    Congratulation :thumbsup
  17. Crafty Nana

    Firn Board

    I will keep an eye out for them.. i like visiting shops everywhere :)
  18. Crafty Nana

    Monria | New Lost Chapters Reward | Woohooo we finally got them!!

    I liked seeing the horns on with different hats. I haven't seen what they should look like the proper way. :)
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