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  1. VeNgeNcE

    A very frightening experience today -- Tuesday, May 12th

    This does sound about right for you
  2. VeNgeNcE

    A very frightening experience today -- Tuesday, May 12th

    Glad to hear you are ok after that experience. Take your time and come back when you are ready. Monria will keep on ticking even with a few days off for de-stressing.
  3. VeNgeNcE

    Vast Zinc During Crawling Chaos

    You just had to hit that and take away my possible HSL :( Gratz tho.. well deserved.
  4. VeNgeNcE

    Monria Event | The "Crawling Chaos" Steps Out of the Shadows

    570 sounds like the right amount of globals this weekend. Oh and Good Luck everyone.
  5. VeNgeNcE

    Monria | 2020 St Patrick's Day Event | Yog-Sothoth has the Necronomicon

    My guess is 1545. Good luck everyone and see you there.
  6. VeNgeNcE

    Monria | Happy Birthday " Ant "

    OH MY GOD !!! He made it through another year with us wackos :) Happy Birthday Ant!!!!
  7. VeNgeNcE


    I understand and it was just a wishlist thing. nothing that I expected to be implemented. I do like the fact that we can get the daily tokens the way they are but I just like the look of that graphic and wish it could be used.
  8. VeNgeNcE


    I think they should make monria specific daily tokens with that design .. i know.. queue the haters....
  9. VeNgeNcE

    DME Availability Thursday, 1/16/20

    Hope you feel better soon. Miss ya DM.
  10. VeNgeNcE

    Trading schedule survey..

    I voted for 20:00 to 22:00 because it most closely fits the times I am available being from the east coast of the US. Then again i'm not on Monria as often these last few weeks.
  11. VeNgeNcE

    Monria Event | Maladrite Elixir Threat Continues | Saturday - Jan 18th

    WOO HOOO !! It's that time again already?? :jumpclapTime for my guess of 548. Good luck everyone !!
  12. VeNgeNcE

    Hi all. Just thought I would post an idea and ask what some of you would say....

    Sounds like DME with my request for a DME plushie :p
  13. VeNgeNcE

    Monria Deck the Moon Event | Sat, Dec 14th | 12:00 - 23:59 Game Time

    317 should be good and good luck to everyone. I'll try to participate after work that day.
  14. VeNgeNcE

    Monria Team 4 Yr Anniversary Event | Saturday, Nov 23rd

    Wow.. 4 years since this amazing place started looking and feeling like a home already? oh and my guess for globals is 1155. GL everyone and see you there after I get out of work that day.
  15. VeNgeNcE

    Leshrac's Cult of the Skull Mask

    That mask is killer. Trance does awesome work.
  16. VeNgeNcE

    Monria | Halloween Event | Oct 26th | Grimoire in Wrong Hands !!

    713 for me. This is going to be fun. I might just have to pull a late night grind to get some of those globals
  17. VeNgeNcE

    Monria Event | In Search of the Grimoire | Saturday - Sep 14th

    Time for my standard guess of 317 along with me getting that 317 loot and winning the apartment !!
  18. VeNgeNcE

    Happy Birthday DME

    HAPPY BRITHDAY !!!! :tongueswagging:happybirthday2
  19. VeNgeNcE

    Monria Event | Cult of Shut'thend Set for Battle | Sat - Aug 17th

    Going out on a ledge here but I will say 317 globals and i'm getting that apartment this time !!
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