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  1. Anny

    DME Availability today, Wed July 1st

    :flyawayBrat - > Me
  2. Anny

    Monria | Space Travel & Repair Skilling Programs Change Management

    We would like to thank DME and the Monria Management Team for their support and consideration. We also want to recognize the great work that has been done by Shade and TKoE in managing the Monria Space Travel Program for the past 4+ years. It will take some time for GoE to establish a proper...
  3. Anny

    New Society - Guardians of Evolution

    Dear Monrians and Friends, It is with great pleasure that we are announcing the birth of a new Monria-based society. Our goals are simple with a dedicated focus on Monria and the evolution of its community through the Community Initiative Programs (CIP), both current and future, and will...
  4. Anny

    Monria | 2020 St Patrick's Day Event | Yog-Sothoth has the Necronomicon

    This is what happen when Ant don't behave
  5. Anny

    St. Patrick's 2020 Countdown

    Awesome people
  6. Anny

    Monria | 2020 St Patrick's Day Event | Yog-Sothoth has the Necronomicon

    Event is only at the beginning, but a big Thank You to these 3 is already due for everything done for this event!
  7. Anny

    A private trip to Calypso: Travel Log 005

    Hey, Nice video, but there few thing you may need some update :) Poke me in EU Chat and we can talk if you want But anyway, very nice initiative and well done :)
  8. Anny

    field trips/special events

    This is getting very long, and my point in previous and this post is just this. Field Trip is not a hunting event, is not about returns on hunts, is not about organizing a event to hunt I will quote Event thread ACTIVITIES our primary focus will be at the Atlas Hunting Grounds and the Rookie...
  9. Anny

    field trips/special events

    First of all my apologies, I am known to be direct and sharp in my comments, and that can hurt some feelings. Monria Field Trips are just that, Field Trips, to Monria Born (and friends) to see, explore and acquaintance new planets/places. Is not a prize related event, don't have hard/fixed...
  10. Anny

    Happy Birthday DME

    Happy Birthday
  11. Anny

    Monrian Born Program | How It Works

    My 2 cents. Monria Newborn Program is to help new arrivals to Monria, Is not a mission, is not an obligation, is not something anyone can demand anything from. Is a "gift", a addon, to help newborn starting their life in Entropia Even being an additional program from Monria Management Team...
  12. Anny

    Introducing | Monria Shops Inventory Tool

    UPDATE ... new MSIT released New design, that I believe will be more intuitive and easy to filter items Some tweaks to better work with Mozilla/Firefox (the Tool should now behave/look exactly the same in IE/Edge, Chrome, Mozilla/FF and Safari) We will keep working on the classification of our...
  13. Anny

    Introducing | Monria Shops Inventory Tool

    UPDATE ... new MSIT released Filter by category and sub-category. A lot of background coding to organize database System now catch any thread in the shop/shopkeeper own section that have a #monriashopready (no more additional setup in case for example, thread changes name) There is still a lot...
  14. Anny

    Introducing | Monria Shops Inventory Tool

    UPDATE: Version 2 of MSIT (Monria Shops Inventory Tool) was released. Main changes: - Site will not enter in maintenance mode when we are mass updating DB. This is mostly important for me, to make sure no incorrect information is given to Site Visitors. - First stage of item filters, this allow...
  15. Anny

    Monria Shops Inventory Tool | Suggestions

    I agree with wang, but also see Shade perspective. I will look at the options. But no matter the future developing i want to make clear one thing: All possible new options will be to bring more alternative, and to help shop owner and visitors. For the shop owner the only thing that HAVE to be...
  16. Anny

    Introducing | Monria Shops Inventory Tool

    UPDATE: New option in SOAP, now it show the item description as will be shown in the the tool itself. Shop owner can now add new items to Tool Database when they are not found. Please do so only if you are sure of the item name (exactly as shown in Entropia Item Link) Option to classify items. @...
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