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  1. Gatekeeper

    Monria | Mob Levels, HP | Wave Locations | Pet Locations | Yogs Burrow

    Yay! Wonderful! Thanks so much. you rock! GK
  2. Gatekeeper

    Hello Monria :)

    Welcome Greorgi! I am sorry for the late response. I am happy you are here and know you will have a good time. Thank you for joining our little community and as always let me know if you need anything. Happy Hunting! GK
  3. Gatekeeper

    Hello good people of Monria

    Sorry for the very late response. Hello Keef and welcome! I am glad you found us and am happy you are hanging around. Thanks for joining our little community, as always let us know if you have any questions. We are always glad to help.
  4. Gatekeeper

    Request for assistance with a project for DME

    Hello Monrians! I would like to ask for assistance with a project Dark Moon Enigma is working on for our wonderful leader Anhithe. We need assistance for a photo shoot at the main stage in the Monria Hub today at 22:00 server time. We are looking for Monrian Born who have the white Monrian...
  5. Gatekeeper

    2016 Melbourne Cup Sweep!

    Im in Sterling Gatekeeper Sky!
  6. Gatekeeper


    I buy everything Except... yog tusk and skin, most crafted parts like O-rings though can buy simp 1 conductors, Most BPs though i sometimes buy Welding Wire prints. I dont usually buy armor. Always buy - metal residue, most ores, weapons, mob loots and mining loots. If i have too much of...
  7. Gatekeeper

    Happy Birthday | "DME"

    Happy Birthday DME! I am so happy that you are in this wonderful place and that I have met you through the universes strange coincidences. My experience would never have been so much fun nor as exciting if I hadn't found you in this game :) Thanks again for all you do here. *hug*
  8. Gatekeeper

    Perseverance is Stubborness with a Purpose | Update 7

    Well written and your doing a wonderful job DME :)
  9. Gatekeeper

    Hello :)

    Welcome! I think you'll have a great time here:) If you have any questions let us know
  10. Gatekeeper

    Cthulhu's Revenge | "Element of Surprise" | Event

    Sounds so fun! I am so ready for this. :) Bring it Squid Face!
  11. Gatekeeper

    Gatekeeper's Journal

    My name is Sterling Sky, but most people just call me Gatekeeper. I came to Monria not long ago due to a teleporter mishap and it is now my home. This crazy, eerie and beautiful place called to me like no other I have ever seen. I know it is a dangerous place. Tobie has warned me many times, but...
  12. Gatekeeper

    Shop Inventory List - Cthulhu Tower, Shop 1

    Gatekeeper has not been in the game for a long time, and the majority of items in his shop are not priced, but I wanted to list the items that do have pricing to get them in our shops inventory database so people know they are available. I am trying to make contact with Gatekeeper in hopes that...
  13. Gatekeeper

    MNAT Tutorial # 1 | Introduction

    I like it :) Well done!
  14. Gatekeeper


    Welcome! And, happy to see you said "Hi" on the forums. Enjoy the game and let us know if you have questions. Happy Hunting
  15. Gatekeeper

    Monria Community Showcase

    So Wonderful! I love how i finally get to put faces, errr Avatars, with names:) That is so cool. Well done!
  16. Gatekeeper

    Drifter's & AHR's Team hunt - Sundays 9am to Noon GMT

    sounds good. im in if im online. do you need level requirement?
  17. Gatekeeper

    The Monria Death Squad

    i like it . i would like to suggest that all newer players who want to join take the MNAT hunting class. should be finished soon and posted. I will happily join up, though i am lower leveled myself. and We prolly need to have an orientation to hunting together, like a trip to practice with...
  18. Gatekeeper

    Rojnaar - semisober noob

    Hello Rojnaar. Gratz on the Flight! Yeah i got shot down my second flight, but its still exciting :) Please feel free to ask anything you need to, we will answer if we can. And, again welcome to the community.
  19. Gatekeeper

    Kavona.. new player to the game

    Welcome! And, I also agree with Kendra. :) I only started a few weeks ago and everyone here helped me understand things so well. People are really nice and have good information. Look me up in game if you need any help *wave*
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