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  1. Alya Drarh

    Cthulhu Tower, Shop #3 - Inventory List

    The following inventory is available at Cthulhu Tower, Shop 3 ... CURRENT INVENTORY LIST (as of 2/2/20) @ ( SHOPKEEPER - OUTSIDE) *Dominax Original Garter (L) * multiple available *Nutrio Bar * multiple available *Mako Fal-1 (L) * level 0, dps 7.7, efficiency 55.2%, great for skilling and...
  2. Alya Drarh

    Monria Volunteer Mentor | Alya Alya Drarh

    Game Experience. I joined in 2017, born on Calypso. I have since played nearly every day exploring the EU universe and engaging in all kinds of EU activities. I love to hunt (my strongest overall skills relate to hunting), craft, mine, tame, texture and paint, and more. I have shops for which I...
  3. Alya Drarh

    MCAT | Sign Up for the Team

    I'm trying to be more attentive to the chat to answer questions and of course spend more time on Monria. I'd be honored to help out if needed.
  4. Alya Drarh

    Monria 2018 | St Patrick's Day Event | RESULTS

    Oh wow, yes I will, thank you. -Alya
  5. Alya Drarh

    Monria 2018 | St Patrick's Day Event | RESULTS

    I was a little shocked to recognize one of those apartments! Sadly I could not attend. Had a RL issue that took me to a house for the weekend without electricity or plumbing and a heck of a lot of work to do. I so missed my computer and EU. What a weekend to not be on Monria. It sounds like it...
  6. Alya Drarh

    8 posts to see the Shoutbox...

    Making a sixth for the shoutbox
  7. Alya Drarh


    I do have a shopkeeper now so made apt public and welcome anyone to visit. Alya
  8. Alya Drarh

    Monria Space Travel Program / Sign-up List

    Awesome! Thank you. Will keep an eye out for the request. -Alya
  9. Alya Drarh

    Monria Space Travel Program / Sign-up List

    May I be added? Alya Alya Drarh is the full name. Alya
  10. Alya Drarh


    Thank you for the welcome. The event sounds fun will have to be there and get to know you all. I got Chthulu C6 :) Alya
  11. Alya Drarh


    Hi all, I am a new Monria resident, visited and decided I liked it here and bought a place. I look forward spending time with y'all. Alya
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