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    Monria | Happy Birthday "Kendra"

    Happy Birthday Kendra, hope you get many HOF's this year. :happybirthday2
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    Monria | 2020 St Patrick's Day Event | Yog-Sothoth has the Necronomicon

    I'll follow my usual strategy of guessing low and hoping for high - 765
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    Entropia Universe 17.1a Release Notes

    Looks like it was a short lived problem. I must say it was unexpected, I've been carrying BP's with me for years and never thought they would suddenly be lootable.
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    Entropia Universe 17.1 Release Notes

    Limited blueprints can now be stacked (and are therefore lootable in PvP). I'll need to adjust my old habit of flying in space with most of my BP's in inventory. At least the ability to stack will save some storage slots. I see the 17.1a release fixed this problem.
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    Monria Event | Maladrite Elixir Threat Continues | Saturday - Jan 18th

    456, sharpening blades, short blades sadly as long blades seem to be in short supply.. Suppose I'l have to move a bit closer before sticking it to them.
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    Hi all. Just thought I would post an idea and ask what some of you would say....

    Some great ideas above. A few strategically placed extractor fans in the caves would also be nice. After the graphics update I struggle to find the Shoggs hiding in the dust / smoke / whatever it is.. I currently have to wave the rifle around until the target acquisition system highlights the...
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    Monria Deck the Moon Event | Sat, Dec 14th | 12:00 - 23:59 Game Time

    I'll follow my usual strategy to guess low and hope for high - 456
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    Monria Team 4 Yr Anniversary Event | Saturday, Nov 23rd

    24 hours again, hmm, 1234
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    Monria | Halloween Event | Oct 26th | Grimoire in Wrong Hands !!

    I'll guess low and hope for high - 678.
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    Monria Event | In Search of the Grimoire | Saturday - Sep 14th

    I'll guess 456 and hope the guess is low.
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    One of these things is not like the other ...

    Hmm, I'd suspect hairstyle
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    Interactive Space Map --- Created by Anny Thundergirl

    If I exit Monria SS I immediately get the lootable PVP message. Has anyone confirmed that space near space stations is in fact not lootable? MA does not always succeed on first try..
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    Monria Event | Decca Reclaims Cult of Shut'thend | Sat - June 15th

    I'll guess 543 and hope for more..
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    Shub | Iron Missions & Rewards | Mob Levels / HP | Other Data

    Hmm. Entropiawiki claims they also do electric damage (entropiawiki: Creature: Shub) Based on that information I swapped my 5A plates for 6B to get a bit of electric protection. I was wondering why that seemed a lot worse than before. This would certainly explain it.
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    MNAT Tutorial # 4 | Sweating

    Chapters are generally not tradeable for the mission so it typically only has value for the person who gets it. Can anyone in a group use it if it was looted in a group? It would be even better if MA gave everyone in the group the chapter if it is given as loot. That would lead to a lot of...
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