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    I've upped the blades and have added a few extra items of potential interest.

    Melee Swords
    (3) Mako Fal-1 (L) (dps 7.7, level 0) - great for skilling and finishing - 18.07 ea
    (3) Loughlin Cutter One (L) (dps 8.4, Level .9) - a nice next step - 44.22 ea
    (2) Samm Twin Edge (L) (dps 30.5, level 13): 43.12 ea
    (1) ArMatrix LB-10 (L) (dps 29, level 10) - this also uses ammo - 32.17 ea

    Let me know if you have other interests in terms of swords and knives

    Melee Whips
    (2) Dominax Original Garter (L) - 9.04 ea
    (1) Dominax Original Moccasin (L) - 25.12 ea

    Habu are available if there is interest

    Guns (crafted/looted)
    (1) Jamjoom Wipeout (L) (blp rifle, dps 10.5, lvl 4) - 13.21 ea
    (1) Sahra MK2 (L) (laser rifle dps 7.4, level 2), 7.24 ea
    (1) Hojoom G2 (L) (laser pistol, dps 4.7, level 1), this Toulanese weapon looks so cool, 5.42ea
    (1) Herman ARK-0 (L) (blp rifle, dps 7.4, level 0) - 4.02 ea
    (1) Ozpyn LR S1X1 (unlimited laser rifle and not at full tt in keeper, 7.7 dps, level 5) - a great gun to keep for the long term as a finisher, small game gun - price for current one is 26.67 (tt 2.08)

    Jamjoom Wipeout are a loot gun. I will typically only save and add full tt looted guns. However, if there is an interest in this gun for those not at full tt let me know and I'll save them for you.

    Want to tame a leprechaun? Want to boost your skill?
    One Artemic Ring Improved 25.35 ea

    Want a trox to follow you around the universe?
    One Atrox pet (fed but at level 1) 10.07ea
    this pet can be summoned on Monria and Calypso until he or she is a level 7
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