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Hi all. I was going to post this in the Ask Me Anything thread but its been closed so have to ask a question starting a new thread.

So, here is the partly loaded question:. In Monria's storyline and future, is there anything that is not darkness, evil or cult related?.. lol.. Understanding I am asking this mainly because I am trying to find out where I can fit into things. Personally, I have never been overly drawn to "being evil" or "being the bad guy" in anyway in fiction or RL. I have tried several ways to find a "niche" with Monria and on the list of 5 things tried, all have fallen through from starting a business, building funds as a trader, finding a mining tower to build funds to build business, crafting higher MU items to less financial gain iterinary. I even tried to step into the roleplaying role of cult member for a couple of days.. it didn't wear well on me. In RL, I know 3 people that were damaged by cults.. two of which ended up committing suicide and the third is still years later undergoing therapy. Though not directly affected in a negative way but any cults out there, their experiences made it impossible for me to step into Monria's Lovecraft theme as fun with the exception of killing them in missions for daily tokens.

So, is there any plans for any "shining light" or "good guys that aren't cultists" to be in the Monrian future storyline? I know Ant/DME don't like to disclose much openly because they like the impact of surprise when changes are brand new on the Monrian community. It would help to know something, even small, that can be expected. No big secret plans but if its all going to be just darkness and cultists, I'm going to have make adjustments.



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Here's the short and sweet answer ... not everything in our official storyline will be of the dark side ... however

Since Lovecraft and our Cthulhu-based theme is advertised as a horror 3D MMORPG environment, there will be plenty of dark side content that tells Monria's story, just as it has thus far, but the shining light in all of it is a community that comes together in unity to keep the dark forces at bay in order to prevent them from taking control.

We are doing what Lovecraft encouraged all writers to do with his Cthulhu lore ... expand it while using his body of work to develop our own stories, which is exactly what we have been doing, and will continue to do.

Those not involved in our official storyline development are welcome to create their own avatar stories, but I want to caution one thing ...

We are drawing from actual Lovecraft lore with Cthulhu family tree characters, along with actual history and documented data. We also have a story arc outline/agenda that we are following in doing so.

Therefore, if anyone is considering writing their own storyline, it would be appreciated if you would touch base with me first to make sure that we don't already have something similar scheduled for our official storyline. This is to prevent a clash of storyline that would make it confusing for people to follow. I have already talked with several people about this who were considering writing their own stories. Sachem Ursa wrote about his story with the Shoggoth, and he did a wonderful job incorporating content that didn't disrupt the official storyline.

The plan is also to write more community members into the official storyline. Pinthas will be publishing his next official storyline book the end of November, and I will start writing book 6 of the official storyline soon that will introduce more community members and their roles, as well as reveal more of the unsolved mysteries and secrets of Monria. Ant also writes storyline with his release updates, and I continue to write lead-in stories for our events that are all part of official storyline.

We have a solid Monria Media Team that has worked together from the beginning, and have formulated a long-term plan for our official storyline.

However, I would encourage community members to write their own stories, but respectfully ask that they please pay mind to what has been written already, as well as consult with me going forward on story intentions so that we can assure our official storyline path is clear of confusion. I'm happy to work with anyone on that, but let's do it in PM to keep projects under wraps until ready to be revealed.

There will continue to be villains, but also heroes as Monria's story and evolution unfolds. Cthulhu lore is complex and we are intentionally introducing it at the pace we are so that it's easier to absorb, and easier to put the pieces of the puzzle together if you will.

There is plenty of intense, but also "feel good" storyline to come.

BTW ... I think what you tried to do is add a post to the "About Ask Me Anything" thread that gives the guidelines for how to post in this section, and that thread was intentionally locked.

Also, I added the word "storyline" to the end of your thread title because it was misleading ... Monria's future is just fine. :)

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Ok. Thanks for letting me know. I didn't want to spoil any future reveals you and Ant had planned. Its just that to date, I haven't really been able to plug in to what has been currently happening with Monria in general so it helps to know there are still options out there. :)
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