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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Gunner, May 20, 2018.

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    With the last upgrades (which were awesome, btw) there was a change to a few of the loot drops. Of significant note was that Yogs no longer drop Animal Muscle Oil (AMO). I see this as a bad thing, in general, and I will explain why.

    I am a pretty active merchant, and I used to buy a significant amount of my AMO from the Monrian players. Players used to PM me when they had AMO to sell, which was fairly often. It helped out the Monrian economy, since players could quickly make a profit on the AMO and get back to hunting again. It helped out the crafters as well, since I almost always had it in stock and it was readily available for immediate purchase.

    However since Yogs stopped dropping it, there has not been a reliable supply of AMO available for purchase. I rarely get PMs any more from players wanting to sell, and I have had to go off-moon to get large amounts to sell in my shop. I think this change has hurt the Monrian economy.

    I know that Shogs drop AMO, but Shogs are not the favored mob to hunt on Monria; Yogs are. Also, Shogs are lower level mobs, which means the amount of AMO they drop is not a lot per Shog. This makes obtaining large quantities problematic.

    Yogs, on the other hand, now drop Animal Eye Oil, which is in less demand (generally speaking) so I tend to purchase less of it. I assume that most players are either TTing it or taking it to sell on Caly (both of which are bad for Monria's Economy).

    So my request is to have Yogs drop AMO again. I have no idea what it entails to make a change like this, but if it is possible, I think it would help the Monrian community.

    That's my 2 pec...

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    Chipping in my 2 cents... I rather like the change.

    Now I can get the AMO from the Shogs and AEO from the lower level Yogs to be able to craft Simple I Conductors without having to sell my AMO and buy AEO to do so.
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    anything with higher level markup than muscle oil is a good thing any time in any loot window.

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