Did I buy a Turkey? | Update 1

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So it's just under 2 weeks since the initial trade went through on Thursday 26th of November - Thanks Giving Day! I'm not American so I don't really celebrate it but I do like turkey. I also think its an apt date for us to mark as a day to look back in twelve months time and review what we've accomplished.

I'm going to use this space to talk about what we've been doing and share what plans I can. There will always be things that I cannot share but I will endeavor to be as transparent as I can. With that in mind below are some of the things that we've been up to:

The Team

I've been working hard on getting the right people in place and doing the right things for Monria. Some of these you will see in game, some on the forum and some you will never meet (as they think this whole thing is crazy). I've been spending time cashing in favors and intoxicating friends to get the best advice and support that I can.

Community Initiatives

This is central to our strategy with Monria and some ideas and plans we've been working on include:
  • Community Advisers Program - We want to support the work done by the existing team and extend it
  • Monria Participants Board - A representative board of Monrians given the support to make our moon fun, chaired by the Chief Fun Officer!
  • Monria Free Space Travel Program - Its free and we have a Mothership :p
  • Events - We want regular events, we want the community to run events and we want a way to run those events...

This will be a tough nut to crack but we are aiming for a steady and continuous flow of new player sign ups.
  • Budget in place for the next 12 months marketing campaign
  • Test Marketing started with a mix of demographic targeted ads and MMO Banner ad campaigns
  • A/B testing based on analytical data
  • Social Media and Content strategy being worked through
  • Basic SEO enhancements and Analytics enhanced

I will continue to spend on developing Monria.
  • Annual development budget in place
  • Analyzing community feedback to drive priorities and gather a wish list
  • I cannot reveal anything and this aspect is all on me but I felt another bullet point was in order

We're looking at possibilities to add to the unique atmosphere and a couple of options have been considered:
  • Sourcing game music to re-enforce Monria's identity
  • Setting up a licensed online radio stream - with Christmas horror music (j/k)

Small tweaks, changes & fixes
  • Forum changes to structure and content
  • Hosting upgraded
  • Fixed the 6 second delay on website load
  • some re-directs and caching changes
  • adding Call to Actions, structural changes on websites and social media sites
  • Exploring possibility of extending the website functionality...
That's all folks,


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You can tell the boss isn't American, he spells Thanksgiving as two words. :p

On a serious note, your first "Monria Moon Manager Notes" post is fantastic Anhithe. I think that keeping the community updated with information that you're able to share will be appreciated. Thank you.

I also like the relevance of Monria being officially yours on Thanksgiving, and taking a moment next Thanksgiving to see how far we've traveled along the path toward achieving your vision. I have a feeling we'll be having a few celebrations along the way before the next turkey lands on the moon. :D


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Gobble Gobble. Hey, why wasn't I invited to the intoxication party. Man.. do I have to do EVERYTHING myself ?

Good start here.


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I would be willing to volunteer as a pilot for the mothership. I am experienced in flying both motherships and privateers.
Also can't wait to get to work on the Community Advisor program.

My number 1 request is to get 20 hp (or less if allowed, that'd make you with the noobest pet which is great) pet that I can tame, its the only reason I am not on Monria 24/7 as taming is my main thing atm.
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My number 1 request is to get 20 hp (or less if allowed, that'd make you with the noobest pet which is great) pet that I can tame, its the only reason I am not on Monria 24/7 as taming is my main thing atm.

Id love a pet cultist:)
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For some reason I cannot PM you. I want to talk to you in detail on the phone, or through skype, or some kind of instant messaging service. I have some important details to discuss with you.

Eugenio Anhithe Wilde

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A radio station... hmmm... well - speaking from experience (I used to dj for Atlas Haven Radio) not many players tune in to in game radio. That being said, if you go that route I will help any way I can!
Hey @mikaile thanks for the offer! I have the ability to stream in game which saves people having to tune in outside of game and we've done this for a couple of events and will do this in the future now that we have a resident DJ in the house :)



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Mikaile...yes any help is appreciated:thumbsupRose said you used to do a really good show and had a pretty website :D


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I'm not deeply involved in Monria at this point, but I will say something about your radio station suggestion. I think it makes the game a whole lot more enjoyable especially when events are planned around the radio station. I remember an event put on buy another Entropia radio station that I really enjoyed on a different planet. The radio had an event at launch and a huge party to boot, and a lot of people showed up. If you were to do something like that it would no doubt attract people to come here.
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