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    The Yogs put up a good fight during our 12 hr global prize giveaway event, they came in increased numbers, but the hunters persevered and came out on the other end victorious. All 52 hunters who were the first to global on the hour and half-hour won prizes, but then there were other activities that set us a bit off course at times, so calling for a first global ended up being random, but often. There were more than 52 hunters at this event, but just 52 of them globaled and many walked away with multiple prizes.

    Prior to the event beginning, every person was given 5 loot pills and 5 H-DNAs to help in the pursuit of gaining a bit more efficiency while slaughtering the mobs and going after the globals. More were given out later when we were about half-way through the event.

    Here is a list of some of the prizes that were won:

    Marber Bravo-Type Plasma Annihilator
    NeoPsion 30 Mindforce Implant
    NeoPsion 50 Mindforce Implant
    2 Modec VXT 300 (L)
    6 pairs of both the Portable TT and Portable Repair Units (L)
    2 Adapted Isis LLP-10 (L)
    2 Adapted Isis LBC-10 (L)
    Finder F-105 and RE-105 Extractor as a pair
    H.E.A.R.T. M7 Heal Kit
    Herb Box - donated by Detritus
    Ardora Ballista MK3 (L)
    ArMatrix LR-15 (L) - )
    ArMatrix LR-20 (L) - ) all 4 donated by Filthy McNasty
    ArMatrix LR-25 (L) - )
    ArMatrix BP-15 (L) - )
    Monria 12 oz Boxing Gloves (L) - both (M) and (F)
    Eudorian Sapphire Devil (Rare) Pet - donated by Anhithe
    Eudoracell Bunny (Mythic) Pet - donated by Wake
    Kitty (Spotted) - (Legendary) Pet named Sasha - donated by Shiva
    2 Lai Tung Pai (Rare) Pet - 1 donated by Shiva and 1 donated by Anhithe
    Gungnir MK1 (C,L) Helicopter (L)
    TP Chip III (L) w/200k Mind Essence
    Neuro A x1
    Neuro B x2
    Emik S60 E.L.M. Edition (L) - donated by Filthy McNasty
    2 D-Class Mining Amps (L)
    Ares Ring - donated by Sith Meister
    Athenic Ring - donated by Sith Meister
    Hermetic Ring Adjusted - donated by Shiva
    Artemic Ring Improved - donated by Shiva
    Artemic Ring Improved - anonymously donated
    Full Set of Musca Adjusted Armor - donated by tj draco and awarded to Obama
    Shear XR55 - donated by Legends
    Imperium Spec Lancer (L)
    A.R.C. P.I.G.V. MKII (L)
    Monria Apartment - donated by Anhithe

    Shiva also donated Combat Masks but they were not given away. Below is the list of which countries she donated and whether they are (M) or (F) ... if you are interested, let me know ... the first person who contacts me about any of the masks first will be given the country mask of their choosing.

    • Belgium (F)
    • Israel (M)
    • Switzerland (M)
    • Phillipines (M)
    • Turkey x2 -- 1 (M) and 1 (F)
    • Hungary (F)
    • Bulgaria (M)
    • Slovakia (M)
    The list of prize winners are: -- (and many won more than one prize)
    • Hakura
    • Hans Andrew Smit
    • Princess Zarnia
    • Alissanos
    • Sith Meister
    • Heidi
    • Felix Wizard Petrescu
    • just dunan lee
    • Leon Stronghorse
    • Shiva
    • Woulfear
    • Legends
    • Noz
    • Obama
    • Kingu
    • tj draco
    • Jake Styles
    • Kurwin
    • Siberian Wolf
    • po3blck
    These are the people who won the kill shots on the creature capsules:
    • Sidekick
    • Hakura
    • Roni
    • Siberian Wolf
    • Obama
    • Noz
    • SuperFly
    • Kurwin
    • Anthony Gray Stark
    • Kingu
    • Legends
    • New Foxy NGK
    In between all the global giveaways, Ant decided to cause a bit of chaos in the South Crater with 9 of our Evil Green Leprechaun creature capsules, 1 Droka creature capsule, 2 Longtooth Patriarch creature capsules, and 2 Eomon creature capsules. There was a 15 ped prize for the kill shots on the Leprechauns, 25 ped on the Droka, 50 ped on the Longtooth, and 75 ped on the Eomons.

    Even I ended up with a few surprises ("Expect the Unexpected") ... Ant gifted me with a Eudoracell Mythic Bunny, and after purchasing an animal brush from Legends shop, I got the Affection up to 100% so I could name him ... didn't take me long to make a decision ... I call him "Cheeks" because his cheeks are full.

    Ant also gifted me with a new CDF Scout vehicle that his brother Pusherman had pimped (there's a unique story behind this car, but Ant will have to share if he wants to), and because the pimping is purple and green crystal textures, he said it fit me, especially when wearing my Disco armor. :D

    I consider myself extremely fortunate to be able to work and partner with not only a long-time friend, but someone I deeply respect and immensely love not only for who he is, but also because he has an amazing vision for Monria, and we are unanimous in our focus that --> the community comes first.

    A totally unexpected surprise came when Miss Coca Cola wanted to trade and gifted me with a very nice coat. I don't have a coat at the moment, and normally don't wear them, but this coat is special and I am sure that I will find occasion to wear it and show it off. Thank you very much Miss Cola.



    We have some wild and crazy Monria community members who like to kick it up a notch now and then, and Shiva took advantage of the opportunity near the end of the event and brought a crap load of all high-level Yogs (11, 16, 18, 19) to the South Crater TP ... guess what? ... the turrets weren't working. :laugh

    I didn't have my armor on, so of course I died, but automatically clicked on the H-DNA prompt thingy and instantly revived. I immediately put my Perseus armor on and healed myself. It was total chaos, but hey ... that's one of the things we as a community do sometimes ... create chaos to keep you on your toes.

    I think the one "Expect the Unexpected" activity that I'm sure no one expected, was when Ant set up a treasure hunt to find the deed to an apartment. He wanted to give away an apartment, so he took one of the Modec VXT 300s that I had and we recorded the tier numbers, then Ant hid the weapon in the crater. There were no clues given for quite sometime and everyone was running all over the crater trying to find the weapon because they wanted that apartment.

    It was getting a bit frustrating because the crater is so big, so Ant started giving clues, like in the southern half of the crater, then cryptically giving clues where someone might pick up on it, and then finally letting everyone know that it was in the southeast corridor of the crater.

    The most vocally frustrated person (not in a bad way) during this apartment hunt I think, was Hakura, but guess what? ... he found it and was so excited I don't think he could stand himself. :p Congratulations Hakura, your perseverance paid off and as you stated after finding the apartment ... now you're an official resident/citizen of Monria. :)

    One of the things that Hakura and others were keeping track of (or trying to) at EntropiaLife, was how many globals were adding up, but sometimes it takes a while for some to show up based on our past experience. The push was to get at least 500 globals in that 12 hours, but I also extended the event a little longer because we hadn't given away all the prizes, and that was my goal. Therefore, I know there were more globals past midnite (event went from 12 noon to 12 midnite with increased Yog spawn in South Crater), but I don't remember how long after midnite we went.

    Suffice it to say, they achieved their goal of 500 globals in that 12 hours, and added 6 more for good measure just to be on the safe side. :D

    Ant extracted the globals from that 12 hours from EntropiaLife and created a spread sheet with all of the data, but ... he also added another column of the names of those who globaled and how many globals they got to make it easier for everyone to know how they did.

    You can access the spread sheet here. :)


    Thank you to all who came out to play and slaughter the Yogs. Congratulations to all of you who won prizes, and for contributing your personalities in Monria chat which made it even more enjoyable. We had old friends, made new friends experiencing Monria for the first time, even one getting his very first global (Obama), and overall helping to make the event a fun experience.

    I mentioned in Monria chat, but will state it here, that there will be another event like this on Sept 9th, but bigger and better. When I have all of the details sorted, I'll of course post an event thread.

    In the meantime, enjoy Monria when you visit, and if we can help in any way, let us know. :)
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    I updated the first post because I missed a couple of items that were actually donated by Shiva and Anhithe.
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