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    Currently on Monria to tame a few Leprechauns and craft now and then... so figured I'd add a section for Monria on the 'crazy estates thread' over at

    Crazy estate notes thread...

    Feel free to add more there in replies, etc. if you want since I know that doing something insane like this is a lot of work and it's definitely not my 'full time job', just something I do now and then to get a feel for what's going on in various corners of the real estate world and see what's out there in item points, what folks are doing with furniture, etc.

    My offer for trading my apartment on Calypso for one on Monria still stands...
    possibly trading a Caly apt for a Monria one...

    (not exactly the smartest thing to do since you can TP down from Calypso from Monria easily, but I like that you don't have an 'entry fee' to the Moon like you have with the other planets, and am likely to start spending some time here crafting more now that I know that the mission isn't still broken like it was the first time I visited a couple of years back.

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