Future mob/mission ideas

Leshrac KAINE Necros

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Something I was thinking about while reading the books on Monrias history was about the fact that there are humans, or at least humanish individuals working with the cultists. These could be interesting mobs to have spawn on occasion in a future story based mission chain or just every so often. Drops could include Monria based BPs, small weapons or armor, more lost chapters or even some old Monria clothing. A few could make good npcs as well, giving insightful stories into the deeper workings of the cultists or perhaps starting to regret their decisions and are now trying to help the players by giving them info on cultist activities or even possibly be part of a separate cult entirely and are here because certain stars have aligned.
Another addition may be that some are wearing the Monria shirts, indicating that a few new Monrians have been swayed by them.
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