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    The majority of the items in my store are crafting materials. I try to stock a wide variety of Ores and Enmatters. In addition to my current stock, I have small amounts of other materials (such as socket components and tier components used in item upgrades) that are not in the store. If you need tier upgrade components, please PM me and I will let you know what I currently have available.

    If there is something specific that you would like to see stocked, please let me know. Feel free to send me a message anytime. If I am not online, I will usually answer you within 12 hours (usually less.)

    Current as of 03/06/2020

    The following items are currently in stock - list will be updated when other items are added:

    * Alternative Ingot
    * Blausariam Ingot
    * Caldorite Ingot
    * Copper Ingot
    * Cumbriz Ingot
    * Durulium Ingot
    * Frakite Ingot
    * Ganganite Ingot
    * Hebredite Ingot
    * Iron Ingot
    * Kaz Ingot
    * Lidacon Ingot
    * Lysterium Ingot
    * Maladrite Ingot
    * Narcanisum Ingot
    * Niksarium Ingot
    * Ospra Ingot
    * Platinum Ingot
    * Quantium Ingot
    * Yulerium Ingot
    * Zinc Ingot

    * Ares Powder
    * Binary Energy
    * Dianthus Crystal Powder
    * Edres Varnish
    * Lytairian Dust
    * Lytairian Powder
    * Magerian Spray
    * Melchi Crystal
    * Oil
    * Putty
    * Solis Paste
    * Somin Glue
    * Star dust
    * Typonolic Gas
    * Zoldenite Crystal
    * Zolphic Grease

    Animal Oils
    * Animal Adrenal Oil
    * Animal Eye Oil
    * Animal Liver Oil
    * Animal Muscle Oil

    Miscellaneous Crafting Items
    * Advanced Gem Extractor
    * Advanced Leather Extractor
    * Basic Cloth Extractor
    * Diluted Cloth Extractor
    * Diluted Sweat
    * Electronic Stabilizing Component
    * Light Mail
    * Pile of Emeralds
    * Pile of Garnets
    * Pile of Opals
    * Pile of Rubies
    * Second-Rate Cloth Extractor
    * Socket 1 Component
    * Soft Hide
    * Surface Hardener Component

    Pet Supplies/ Pets
    * Leprechaun Blue Pet * (Rare)
    * Corinthian Silver Kanin Pet * (Rare)
    * Yog Hatchling Pet * (Common)
    * Pet Name Tag

    Weapons / Weapon Attachments / Enhancers
    out of stock at the moment

    Armor / Armor Enhancers
    * B.E. Pilot (M) Armor Set

    Mining Equipment
    * TerraMaster 4 (L)
    * Ziplex Z1 Seeker * Tier 1

    Mind Force
    * Cryogenic Attack Nanochip 3 (L)

    * Mind Essence
    * Vehicle RK-5 (L)
    * Vehicle RK-20 (L)
    * Welding Wire

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    Really nice inventory list Gunner, I love how organized everything is, but you might want to check your items again because I went shopping yesterday. :D

    Unless you've alreafy replaced the items. :p
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