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Wow wrench.... The work involved in putting the movies together is amazing. I can't wait to see the finished product :):popcorn

I loved watching your video. The work you put into your community projects is inspiring.
I can hardly handle one chat.....I could hardly keep up lol. I'm raging I missed the shoot...
I can't wait for the next one I want to be an extra :):shooting

You're awesome

PS Nerdgasim lol I'm peeing myself lol 😂
HI Kendra,

Ty So Much:D

The secret is finding people who want and believe in what we can do together. And I got some followers who want just this and of course a magic crew who participates where they can.

I think people always wanted to cooperate on a higher level but never found a good outlet for it, my stream simply provides this for everyone who can be positive and wants to have some fun aside from being focussed on profit alone

Kind regards,

Hi all,

In answer to the many questions and offers of support for my stream I am going to explain a few things what you can do to assist.
Please keep in mind that my stream is Non-Profit and all people supporting the stream are doing so voluntarily:

1) The Stream Sweat Buy on globals are easily explained:

The Sweat we buy are 1k on Globals and 5 k on a HoF and we buy from as many Followers of the stream as possible:D)
In the event we do not get a global in an hour I will still buy minimum 2k Sweat from Followers.

We have a Team of globallers:
The Set Team are Alex Cajhmere & Wrench (Me:))

Due to Hunting lower level mobs on Winter Park I do not global myself that much but we have:

Guest globallers such as: Rotiv (and others from TusaLusa), Salerine. El Dia, Sarah, Paxson etc etc
These people are added on the global list only at their own request and each time they get a global or Hof I will buy sweat for them which they will take from me at the end of the stream.

On Fridays we have an event called Crazy Hour where any global of a follower on Winter Park is worth 3 ped for 1 K Sweat and they pick a winner themselves in the Stream Chat.

Highest Record amount of Sweat buys in a single Stream is currently on 24K (Blame Rotiv:))

2) Item Giveaways for use:

This is different from person to person. We have people giving us 101 Finders, Rubio's, Azuros's B-Amps etc To give to newer players or smaller hunters.
Ratcity usually gives these away before the Sunday Exomunch event to Followers of the stream to help them in the event.
You can also ask Droideka from the Crowbar Crew for Rubio's if you are a follower of the stream.

Be aware that these items are for u to use, reselling etc will ensure u loose this privilege.

3) Item giveaways for profit:

From time to time we give donated items to people to try and sell them in what we call a Sales Challenge, these can include many variants such as Blueprints, weapons armor etc.
This is for people to get used to trading and promote interaction using Calytrade, Fairtrade, Local trade and other such channels. All profit is for the seller!
We only want to know how well you did:D

highest Record currently is 3 ped in items given and 22 Ped made in return (by CookieCrusher)

These items are freely given by our supporters like Priest, Salerine, KillerDawg, Jomi and many, many others

4) Items we buy for Prizes:

Almost everyone has some items in Storage which they either no longer use or with low Mark ups etc or not worth the hassle of spamming in trade.
You can leave them in storage for eternity or sell them to us so we can use them as Prizes in our events.

You are free to donate them as well or if u want to sell them please let me know in game, I need prizes each week for our Sunday Events.

Amount of Prizes and giveaways, Sweat Buys etc. on Stream is currently over 3000 Ped and ever increasing(ty everyone!)

5) Crazy Hof Support:

There are currently 3 people who have a standing offer to donate 100 ped or buy 50k Sweat for each HoF they get over 1000 ped:
Alex, Salerine and KillerDawg :D

Alex and KD have manage to do this one time already! We are currently HoFwalking a lot for Salerine:D

6) Follow and Watch/Listen

The most common support which is also one of the most important ones to grow the stream is to simply follow the stream and watch as much as you can:D
For those who have only 1 screen available I always say listen to the stream as I almost constantly talk or respond to questions / answers / convo's and I got some nice music going and I always announce the globals we get and Sweat Buys on voice.

I also have Patreons, Youtube Subs, Facebook Followers, Twitter etc available so any follow on each of these also increases my Social media reach so that I can help even more players:D

And now we also play a minigame each 30 Mins in stream called Stream Raiders where we fight evil creatures! (really cool:))

As you can see there are many ways to support the stream and the aforementioned are the most used methods.
if you want to add your own unique way of supporting please let me know, ANY support is welcome.

I hope this clears up the many questions I received lately:D

Kind regards,

Wrench Crowbar & Crew
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