Hi. Just wondering, any event planned for the 4th of July on Monria?

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Sorry if I posted this in the wrong spot. Usually, I catch DME in chat and just ask but my schedule has been a little crazier lately and I usually just miss her. So, DME, if you read this or if someone in Monria Management can let me know, I am curious if there is an event and if it will still include mining and hunting like previous events.




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Where you posted is fine. I mentioned in my most recent Progress Update that there won't be an Independence Day event because it would probabably fall during tbe Monria Round Robin Tournament, but it was also mentioned in a post that events are on hold right now until after the patch to this last VU.

We want to make sure everything is sorted and will work properly with the big changes we made. I'll post an announcement when we are ready to schedule our events again.
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