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Zarnia Foxtrot

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Hello all. I just wrote an added note to the posting started by Desert Chief regarding the Monria surface. Part of my response there involved those times when as a miner, I want to be able to focus on mining and not deal with mobs needing to be hunted to do so.

So, with that in mind, a suggestion would be to have a "anti-mob" pill that can be purchased on the TT that would allow someone focused on mining to be invisible and untouchable by mobs in their mining location.

What do ya think? :)


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I think the TT has something that does the opposite and pulls mobs to it. Maybe you could use that to clear yourself a mining spot?

Leshrac KAINE Necros

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Decoys don't work well with most mobs due to their speed now. Lower level miners should try to pair up with low to mid level hunters that are on at similar times. A lot of us do this now. Always good to have a crafting buddy as well. There are a lot of hunters, crafters and miners on Monria and most of us have no problem helping out.


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Malgar, Shadow and I had a great meeting today regarding the Monria Rescue Team project and I will be posting the details either later this evening (my evening, I'm -4 game time) or in the morning. The MRT will be open to anyone who would like to join to volunteer their time when someone needs a bit of help ... whether it's because they are stuck somewhere, or need assistance to clear and keep mobs away from a claim, or some other reason.

This new CIP program will also include cave runs that Malgar and Shadow will set up based on their availability of time, but others are welcome to conduct cave runs as well. The goal is to have a variety of firepower available to help depending on needs, and an official list for people to refer to in order to know who has volunteered their time when needed.

However, Leshrac is right ... there are any number of people on Monria willing to help ... just ask in Monria chat. :)
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