Limited vs Unlimited Armor - an Essay

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    Note: This Essay is intended for the average Entropia player, not for ubers or professional hunters who focus on winning events or achieving the greatest economy possible for a specific activity.

    It always makes me laugh whenever someone tells me that they will only use Unlimited Armor. I can't help but feel a bit sorry for the poor guy or gal, because it is about as logical as only using Unlimited weapons.

    Most Limited Armors are cheaper to use than Unlimited and I'm going to attempt to lay out the main reasons why I think so below.

    1. Durability:
    I'm sure that most of you have already noticed that the Limited variant of any Armor always has 10,000 more points of Durability than it's Unlimited version, but what does that translate to in terms of PED economy?

    When the changes to Armor decay costs were rolled out along with Loot 2.0, some testing was done using very cheap armor pieces in an effort to determine exactly what the new decay costs were. It was found that:

    For the Limited armor, the cost of protection is: 21.978 hp / pec
    While for Unlimited, with 10,000 less Durability, it is: 20.4081 hp / pec

    The short answer is that Limited Armor protects the same amount for 7.7% less decay.

    So if an Armor set was made available through the Trade Terminal and you could pick between the Limited version or Unlimited version, which one is the better buy and why? Obviously the Limited version would have more value wouldn't it.

    2. The total amount of PED tied up into your Armor set:
    Let me list some real examples here so that a straight comparison can be made for actual Armors in the game. I'll only use actual sets that have both a Limited and Unlimited version for this. These numbers are crude numbers from my recent observations of the auction and forum sales threads, many of you are likely to disagree with some of the prices given but this is not a price check thread, I'm just listing these for the sake of some examples:

    Rascal (M) will cost TT+50 PED = 110.60 PED
    Rascal (M,L) is approx 122% of TT = 73.93 PED

    Ghost (M) will cost TT+360 PED = 708 PED
    Ghost (M,L) is approx 109% of TT = 379.32 PED

    Bear (M) will cost TT+1300 PED = 1,802 PED
    Bear (M,L) is approx 109% of TT = 547.18 PED

    Jarhead (M) will cost TT+1000 PED = 1,379 PED
    Jarhead (M,L) is approx 107% of TT = 413.02 PED

    Jaguar (M) will cost TT+4,500 PED = 5,106.40 PED
    Jaguar (M,L) is approx 111% of TT = 673.10 PED

    Angel (M) will cost TT+16,000 PED = 16,363 PED
    Angel (M,L) is approx 155% of TT = 562.65 PED

    It is so unbelievable to me that great mid-level limited armor sets such as Bear (L), Jarhead (L) and Jaguar (L) can sell for so little! Whenever you can buy a limited piece of Armor for less than 107.7%, realize that there is greater value in that limited piece of armor then there is in it's Unlimited version, in other words, you will get more protection for your money, because remember, that 10,000 points of Durability difference means the protection costs 7.7% less decay.

    But I digress. The point I was trying to make by comparing the costs of Limited versus Unlimited is that a lot more PED winds up getting tied up into 1 suit of Armor when the Unlimited version is purchased. Aside from the fact that there is no guarantee this Unlimited set will still be worth as much once you decide to sell it (which is very unlikely btw), you have fewer PEDs left over with which to hunt or do other activities in the game, which means you are limiting what activities you can do in the game.

    To illustrate this another way, for the cost of 1 Unlimited Jaguar Armor set, I can own a full TT Limited set of Rascal (L), Ghost (L), Bear (L), Jarhead (L), Jaguar (L) and Angel (L), and still have almost 2,500 PED left over to hunt or play with. Which brings me to my next point.

    3. Freedom:
    When your Unlimited Armor deteriorates, the only thing you can do is repair it. Once repaired, you have a set of Armor which is usable again for a period of time, but it's the same set, and you'll be limited to hunting the same mobs again.

    When your Limited armor deteriorates, you can only TT it. But doing so now leaves you without armor and opens up a world of possibilities. Do you get the exact same armor again or do you try something else? It's up to you to decide what you want to do, you are no longer limited to what can be hunted with that specific set of armor, or burdened with the task now of selling that Unlimited Armor (which can sometimes require a bit of time and effort) to get your PED back so you can move on to something else.

    4. A zero-sum game:
    Let's say a person bought a set of Bear (M) Armor in 2014 and paid +1.4k PED for it at the time and now, 3 years later decides to sell it and gets +1.3k PED for it.

    Let's assume that in the 3 years that this player owned the Armor, he/she spent a total of 5k PEDs repairing the armor. If this player had bought Limited parts from the Auction at an average price of 109% of their TT, the increase of cost for the same protection:

    109% cost, minus 107.7% protection value = 1.3% increase in protection cost

    would have amounted to an additional 65 PED cost over 3 years.

    Because he sold his Bear set for 100 PED less then what he paid for it in 2014, the player would have actually saved 35 PEDs over 3 years had he opted to use Limited Bear armor parts instead, and would not have tied up 1,400 PEDs into 1 set of Armor and instead would've been able to enjoy greater freedom of action in the game.

    I hope this has been as much of an eye opener for you as it was for me when I actually took the time to do the research and crunch the numbers. I think for the foreseeable future, I will always favor Limited armors over Unlimited as long as there will be nice Armor parts such as Bear, Boar, Jarhead, Jaguar, etc... available on the auction for prices around 113% and below.

    Inherent Legends

    P.S.: I suppose it wouldn't be right for me to completely ignore what few advantages that Unlimited armors offer so I'll just go over the main ones briefly:

    Regarding Tiers, I find that it would be cheaper and smarter to get an Armor set that already has the increased Defense or Durability that you are looking for rather then to try to increase it on a lower set through the use of Enhancers, I'm pretty sure it would end up being cheaper (unless there is no higher set of armor). But I will have to save that discussion for a different thread because more testing and research needs to be done to confirm this.

    I feel that the biggest advantage to an Unlimited Armor is when there is no Limited version or alternative, such as is the case with Gremlin.

    Another big advantage is for ubers and pros who plan to use the same high-level armor for years (for example Angel armor). If a player plans on using it as his main armor for years to come, he will save a great deal of PED using Unlimited Angel versus Limited Angel, because the markup on the Limited parts (~160%) will add up to a lot over time. But if you plan to hunt some higher-level mobs for a couple of months and 1 set or 2 would do you, it would definitely be smarter to opt for the Limited one.

    For the average player, one who will probably use mid-level armors more then anything, the fact remains that there are great options available at very low cost when you consider the economy of Limited armor. No need to sink thousands of ped into Unlimited armors like many of us have done for years... (yes I own a few expensive unlimited armors)
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    That's amazing!

    I'm only buying limited armour from now on.....

    up to this I would have always thought the markup would have made the limited expensive over time, but your arguments make it much more appealing

    Thanks for this
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    Hi Kendra,

    Yes there are many limited armor parts that are regularly available on the auction for less than 108%, which to me is really amazing since it is the most value you can get for your money when it comes to armors. All that is required if you want to take advantage of that is to be willing to spend a bit of time every day browsing the auction for them. Here's some examples of Limited Armors which are regularly on the auction very cheap:

    Anti-Virus (seasonal)

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