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    Several players told me they were unaware about the particularities of mining on Monria so I've decided to create this thread.

    Some of the important things a miner needs to know:

    • Monria mining uses the FOMA/Hell mining logic with fewer but larger deposits as compared to regular mining areas.
    • Unlike other similar places, Monria doesn't have any mining tax. Mindark shares a percentage of its own direct revenue with Monria (revenue derived from tool decay and such)
    • There are two unique resources on Monria (Maladrite & Zoldenite) used in crafting on both Monria and Calypso.
    • There are two Iron Chain mining missions for each of these two resources
    • Calypso Iron Chain mining missions can be completed on Monria.
    • Both the outdoor craters and the indoor caves can be mined. The increased deposit size mining logic applies to both areas. The mineral mix differs however.
    • There is a huge hidden cave perfect for mining and mostly mob free. Check the video here.
    • The last cave in the cave tunnel, the Shub cave, contains a different mineral mix than the rest of the caves.
    • Monria is the third closest destination to Calypso after FOMA and Crystal Palace.
    • There is a TP on Monria that can safely transport miners back to Calypso for 7 ped.
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    Duncan, OK USA
    Been on the moon for about a week and enjoy the mining aspect but must fess, the general feeling I get, flavour of comments in open chat, is that mining sux here with warnings about wasting my PED.

    For this new kid on the block, er moon, mining paid for the bullets and probes this past week.

    Since I am very new here and to all things gaming, I can't argue the specifics but I had so much fun with it this past week my plans for weekend were to come study the ins and outs, find threads of info, like this one, dormant since April 15.

    Thanks for some real info and tips about hidden cave.
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    There are a number of other mining topics as well in the forums here that should help too.
    Hidden cave is a bugger to get to, you will need a guide. A F-105 is sufficient for pretty much the most of Monria although
    in the cave a T-4 works a bit better as some of the stuff is deeper there. Ive hit some of the better ores at around 1000 M already, though this doesn't mean that they can't be found shallower either.

    There are finders the DSEC series which were specifically made for mining on monria, though I think they use a bit more probes per drop and sometimes are hard to find.

    Good luck on your ventures on Monria.

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