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    The Monria Directory is a resource that provides details about the Cthulhu and Cthylla Towers, Monria Hub, DSEC Forensics, DSEC Mining Camp, DSEC Military Camp, and Underground Caves and Shub Cavern.

    Shops and apartments are listed and who the owners are, as well as apartments who sell items from shopkeepers in their apartments. Many have their own dedicated forum sub-section in the Monra Shops section in category Monria Discussions | Non-Program Related where they post an inventory list.

    We also have a new Monria Shops Inventory Tool with a database of all inventories where you can instantly search for what you need and where it's located.

    There is also a Monria Interactive Map with a wealth of information about Monria. Everything on the map is clickable and a link that leads you to the information. Even if there's a box to check mark at the right of the map, also click on the text.

    If you click on the Monria Space Station graphic at the top left of the map, it will take you to the:

    Entropia Universe Interactive Space Map.

    Also, Sophia Angel Heart is at the DSEC Forensics location from 13:30 - 15:30 game time to buy loot.

    The following link is in a PDF file format that you can download and keep handy.

    Right click and open link in a new tab.

    Monria Directory


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