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Discussion in 'Monria Official Events' started by DarkMoonEnigma, Dec 21, 2017.

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    First, I wanted to let everyone know that there won't be a Christmas event on the 23rd. Ant and his family won't be available, and I'm going to take a bit of time off, but will monitor the forum in case something comes up.

    We might have a New Years Eve party at the Monria Hub, and if we do, we'll try to give as much notice as possible, or ... it just might be one of those spontaneous gatherings that are usually quite fun.


    We are in the midst of re-evaluating our events and how we can be more efficient with them. Also, what events will remain in play, and what events will be out based on our experiences over the past two years. Some events might stay that haven't been around for a while, but that won't happen until we have finished reconstruction of the Caves and Shub Cavern, and put finishing touches on the already reconstructed craters. When we have the details available, they will be posted in this section of the forum.

    We are also continuing with our reconstruction efforts in order to tie in storyline and new elements of play but this is a time-consuming process. As we are ready to unfold what the changes are, they will be revealed in VU Update Notes after they are implemented. We don't reveal these things ahead of time in case something goes wrong and everything doesn't make it at the last minute.

    Our goal is to make our events as fun and rewarding as possible, so we will continue striving to meet that goal, while also working on development that will keep you more engaged on the Moon. It's a matter of timing, so we ask that you be patient, and know that there are good things to come.

    Thank You

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