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    One of the unfortunate occurrences with any membership-related site, is the intrusion of spam accounts. While we have measures in place to thwart off the intrusion, there are those who are relentless and find their way through. Since February, and discovering just how many spam accounts and spam threads there were, we have been busy cleaning them out.

    On a daily basis, I remove any spam account that gets through, and any spam thread that might get posted if they get past our measures that are in place, but the threads are a pretty rare occasion. Each day when the birthdays come up, I also clean spam accounts from that as well, and on some days, it can take me quite a bit of time to do so because we inherited many spam accounts that had not been disposed of previously.

    In spite of the membership count seemingly decreasing, we have had a steady influx of new members since we took over the Moon and got busy, and we are very pleased with this. The goal is to eventually get to our true membership count and take pleasure in watching the number grow.

    We are doing our best to keep the forum clean, but know if something gets through, one of us will be on it as soon as we enter the forum. We appreciate your patience and thank you for your support.

    And a thank you to Anhithe who continues to tweak spam blocking and making my extra job easier. :D
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