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    Permanently Adding Rocktropia to Friday & Sunday Travel Schedules
    The Monria Free Travel Space Program has been in operation now for a little over a year. The Monria Team funds and supports this operation through the Community Initiatives Program (CIP). We have worked closely with The Knights of Entropia (TKoE), the official crew of our Mothership the Yamato, to fine-tune the logistics toward becoming the efficient Monria travel service that our community enjoys today.

    The program's management team comprised of @Eric Shade Avenged and @Leodolfr Leon Stronghorse, along with an amazing Yamato pilot staff, runs this program with precision and professionalism, but also engages the rest of the ship's crew and passengers into delightful banter that is quite entertaining. Leon is also our resident Yamato DJ who selects tunes appropriate for each travel schedule, and takes into consideration the mood of the day that definitely takes us on a musical journey while warping in space.

    We are pleased to announce that we are permanently adding Rocktropia to our Friday and Sunday travel schedule that will be effective this Friday, Feb 3rd. It will be at the end of the schedule and the last stop before we return to Monria. There may be a point in time when the route may be changed, but after much discussion with the travel program staff, it was decided that it was best not to shuffle the schedule at this time.

    For more information about our travel schedule and fees, go here. If you are not on the Yamato guest list and would like to be, along with determining if you are eligible for free travel, go here and follow the instructions in order to sign up. If you appreciate a great repair skilling run, then be sure to check out our Monria Repair Skilling Program.

    IMPORTANT NOTE ... please make sure that you have all planets and space downloaded before traveling with us so that it does not delay our travel schedules. We are very efficient at keeping schedules on time.

    We thank TKoE for their continued support of our space travel
    goals for Monria, and for their exceptional service.
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