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    ... as written by Pinthas Schmenke Dorian

    At times, what you imagine things could be, is what becomes reality. The more you search, the more you begin to find. Ultimately, if we desire something so much, nothing stands in our way to reaching that goal. We dream no matter who tells us that it is impossible, or that we are not good enough for what we want, or what we can be. The naysayers who would rather pull us back into the abyss to survive with them, are only a distraction to the never-ending possibilities of the success we face. This story challenges sanity and the very existence of one's soul. Not only mine, but those I meet along the way.

    In this moment, I feel I am in some sort of limbo, being pulled in multiple directions to be told multiple things about my past, present and future. The energy is subtle at times, and at others, the magnetic pull is so strong that I find myself in alternate dimensions. I don't know what is real, or what is just a manufactured dream by someone, or something that has a hold on me. You see, I am uncertain of who I am,

    I've learned that if we move in one direction and it takes us where we want to be, then by all means, continue. If however, we find that we have lost our way and travel down a rabbit hole, we should feel free to take a different path in order to explore the endless possibilities of change. This is where I am challenged, for each path I travel, no matter how strange it may feel, there always seems to be some sort of familiarity present, tugging, pulling at my very existence.

    Monria feels ancient, but new and relevant, and this journey is a path of further unraveling of mysteries and secrets beginning with the exploration of who I am and how I fit into the bigger scheme of things. The past is a mere offering of broken images and words that don't make much sense at first. The present is clear enough in my role as a Monria community member where I function quite well, but there is a haunting that draws me into the darkness where tales revealed are disturbing.

    The future is not written in stone, how could it be, especially with paths that twist and turn and only lead deeper into the darkness where understanding what is happening is elusive at times. I strain to retain any distorted image that might give me a clue, any sound, or echoing voice with a fading message.

    I can tell you this much ... there are many among us who are not what they seem. This journey draws from the depths of darkness and multiple dimensions that reveal inexplicable experiences, and new challenges that we must prepare for, or Monria will be lost to us.

    This is book #5 in the official Monria storyline series and in progress. The first 8 chapters have already been written by Pinthas and have entered the editing phase. Pinthas will continue to write additional chapters as time permits given his real life demands, and the book will be published when completed.

    In the meantime, it might be good to catch up with the other 4 books here so that you are current.
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