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    Dark Moon
    There was quite a bit of feedback on the increased mob spawn format used during our 3 yr anniversary event and it seems that a lot of people liked the addition of the separate increased spawn of the mob level just below each of the bosses. The feedback was quite positive and it gave me pause to think about our events going forward.

    I brought an idea to Ant to get his input on whether something was doable or not, and I was pleasantly surprised that it was, so ...

    Going forward, we're going to unleash all 4 mobs with the increased mob spawn format we used at our anniversary event, even for the mid-month events, but those events will have the smaller ped prizes as usual, along with the random global giveaways which have a decent value of their own, and more often than not, a higher value than the global that won it. Our bigger events will have the higher ped prizes.

    We don't do bigger events for Christmas and New Years because experience has shown us that a lot of people are offline enjoying family, friends and holiday gatherings in RL. We may do something random, and I can use a Christmas theme in the Dec mid-month event.

    EVENTS FOR 2019
    (these are tentative dates but should remain as is barring anything unexpected -- I know, it's Monria) :D

    Biggest Event of the Year
    • St Patrick's Day -- we go all out for this one -- (3/16-17) - 48 hr event
    Secondary Bigger Events
    • Halloween the end of Oct -- (10/26) -- 24 hr event
    • Monria Team Anniversary the end of Nov -- (11/23) -- 24 hr event
    Mid-Month Events -- (these events will be 12 hr events)
    • January -- (1/19)
    • February -- (2/16) -- will have a Valentine's Day theme
    • April -- cancelled due to RL time demands
    • May -- (5/18)
    • June -- (6/15)
    • July -- (7/13)
    • August -- (8/17)
    • September -- (9/14)
    • December -- (12/14)
    The mid-month events may take on a special theme such as a holiday or otherwise.

    If anything else changes I'll let you know.
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    Awesome looking forward to them all :p
    :shooting:yog sothoth:shooting2
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    I will mark those events in my calendar right now, so I won't miss any of those again (like I did in 2018...)! :)

    Looking forward to some great events!
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