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Monria Volunteer Mentor
My name is Zarnia. When people first get started, there is a lot of information thrown at them and having the "shell shock" feeling is normal. It is also expected since everyone wants to move forward quickly so they try to get all the information they can to do .Now that you have done that already, let's try and put all that information in order for what you want to accomplish in Entropia. One of the first steps is to have a mentor to learn from and who you feel you can talk to openly to help you reach your Entropia Universe goals. I would like to help you. So, review the information below and if you feel we would be a good match, feel free to contact me via email or in response to this thread. Enjoy your time in EU. :)

Monrian Birthday 3/23/2016

Game Experience:..Graduated the Mentor Program 9/23/2016
Currently: Lvl 38 Prospector, Lvl 37 Surveyor, Lvl 39 Miner,
lvl 27 Laser Pistoleer, lvl 32 Ranged Laser, lvl 31 Laser Sniper, Lvl 40 Swordsman Hit, Lvl 38 Swordsman Dmg
Accomplishments are recorded on
Link: Entropia Life | Login

Mentor Qualifications:
*Graduated EU Mentor Program under Markus the Prophet
* Graduated Students: 3
*Daily Experience in Mining, Hunting ,Crafting and Sweating
*Online daily for long periods of time
*Mining Experience on: Monria, Calypso, Arkadia, Arkadia Underground, FOMA, Cyrene, Rocktopia and Hell
*Hunting Experience on: Monria, Calypso, Arkadia, Arkadia Underground, FOMA, Cyrene, Rocktopia and Hell

Time Zone: EST (Eastern Standard Time)..aka New York Time Zone

Availability: Flexible and Varied...I have two autistic kids so I am usually in EU when they are not home since they are very good at keeping me busy by getting into things they are not supposed to doing. LOL So, my available hours are when they are not home during the week mostly and when in bed on the weekends.

EU Time: M-F..14:00-20:00..(9am-3pm EST)
SA-SUN: As possible
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Zarnia Foxtrot

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Monria Volunteer Mentor
Hi Hayate. I am available as a mentor but it would be best for us to chat to make sure I am the best fit as your mentor. All the mentors on the volunteer mentor list have different strong points. Your post actually made me look at the profile I have and realize that I need to update some of it. I didn't realize how busy I have been in game..:laughing2:laughing2:laughing2

So, if you haven't already found a different mentor, send me a friend request so we can chat about what you want to focus on most in EU. I will be on tomorrow but given its a weekend day, I dont know what times I will be on because my kids are home and are very good at keeping me busy on what THEY but I will be in game at some point tomorrow.

Look forward to chatting with you in game or in PM.



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You have a wealth of information about this game, I would like to be a disciple, if you are available?
Yes she does and I think she would be a great mentor. She is active on Mornia and keeps up with new developments in the game as well. I just saw her post on the Clay forum about the new loot professions. She knows a lot, continues to learn, and is a very helpful person as well.
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