Monrian Born | Calypso Field Trip | Fri, Feb 7th - Sun, Feb 9th

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    We are organizing a Monrian Born Field Trip to Calypso. All Monrian Born, especially new players, are encouraged to join us on this excursion in order to complete Calypso beginner missions to acquire the S10 healing tool from the Gauntlet 1 mission, and the Bukins Spare Rifle from the Bukins mission.

    Field Trips are sponsored by the Community Initiatives Program (CIP), and an integral part of our Monrian Born Program. Members of the Monria Community Assistance Team (MCAT) accompany us on field trips to help guide our Monrian Born through the activities where required. Additionally, many who are not MCAT team members also join us for the fun and to help with our Monrian Born. We thank them very much.

    All Monrian Born interested in experiencing this field trip, please be prepared to join us on Friday, Feb 7th beginning at 23:30 game time, which is the end of our Friday Yamato travel schedule.

    If you are on Monria, then you can fly with us during our travel schedule on Friday, or if you are already on Calypso, then meet us a little after 23:30 game time at the Camp Icarus teleporter to coordinate the agenda.

    Details are listed below.

    • depart Monria for Calypso on Friday, Feb 7th aboard the Yamato @ 20:00 game time
    • --- first Monria summons is at 19:45 game time, final Monria summons is at 19:55 game time
    • --- if you miss the summons, you can catch it at 23:00 when we return to Monria after the schedule
    • --- we will be taking the Yamato directly back to Calypso and parking it there over the weekend
    • --- there will be only one summons at 23:15 game time before we head back to Calypso
    • return to Monria from Calypso on Sunday, Feb 9th aboard the Yamato
    • --- first summons is at 19:15 game time and a final summons at 19:25 game time
    • --- we will leave for Monria promptly at 19:30 game time if you want a lift to Monria then
    • --- once at Monria, we will begin our regular Sunday warp schedule
    • --- first Calypso summons is at 20:45 game time, final Calypso summons is at 20:55 game time
    • if you are not on the Yamato guest list, please follow the instructions here and sign up
    • make sure that you have all Planets and Space downloaded so that there is no delay
    • --- at the bottom right of the client loader, click on Tools to see what's downloaded and what's not
    • we will meet at the Camp Icarus TP at 23:30 game time after the travel schedule
    • you will be sent an invite to our in-game Monria Field Trip channel for communication
    • --- this will be done once we all meet at the Camp Icarus teleporter
    • --- there are several field trip chat channel Admins who can add players if need be
    • please be sure to keep the channel active so that you don't miss out on the activities
    • --- instructions will also be given in the Monria Field Trip channel
    • guide Monrian Borns through Calypso beginner missions
    • TP runs to collect teleporters at various locations for those who need them for future exploration
    • we will be team hunting on creatures with our Monrian Born
    • --- DME will hand out low-level weapons to team on lower-level creatures - (ammo not included)
    • --- we will also give our Monrian Born an experience hunting higher level creatures with us
    • --- MCAT team members will be present to help with team hunting
    • --- only team leaders will be the mob taggers ... please watch field trip chat for instructions
    • Team Loot Rules -- the following items will be split as a result of any team hunting
    • --- we generally have a team leader who manages this portion of the team hunting
    • --- any item valued at 50 ped or more
    • --- any ESI (Empty Skill Implant)
    • --- any Generic Fuses
    • --- any Unlimited (UL) items
    I will bring along extra low-level weapons for team hunts and for the MBs during the weekend activities.
    (ammo not included)

    As always, we appreciate the availability of our Monria Community Assistance Team (MCAT) members who join us on these field trips to help guide our MBs through the missions and all activities that take place.

    Thank you to all who join these activities and who support our efforts to expand MB experiences.

    Here is a link to the 2020 Proposed Monrian Born Field Trips

    Any activities with the Monrian community members is fun and crazy because we are a spontaneous and random lot where anything is possible, and it's always good to "Expect the Unexpected." :D
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    Thought I would add a few screen shots from the Calypso field trip ...

    My dear friend Lars Sebra from CRT (Calypso Rescue Team)
    treated the MBs to a wormhole.

    Entropia 2020-02-08 13-42-53-62.png

    I was transporting ShadowV during our teleporter run while she was AFK,
    and Klusek was hot on my trail using Shadow's choppa with a group of MBs on board.

    Entropia 2020-02-08 13-59-55-00.png

    At one point, I was following Shadow who is adept at getting in and out of tight spots (sometimes),
    but apparently, I haven't learned that trick yet, because I got stuck between 2 apt buildings
    at the Genisis apartment compound ... I had an MB with me too (rockfeller) ...
    looked like I was going to have to eject us both by clicking on Exit Seat.
    A good plan, except we didn't drop to the ground and die ... was still suspended in the air
    with the Quad, even after exiting the seat ... LOL ...
    I started walking forward in the air and then dropped to the ground, but didn't die. :p
    I don't think rockfeller did either. :D

    Entropia 2020-02-08 14-43-11-19.png

    I seem to still have problems getting into sticky situations.
    My parking still leaves something to be desired.

    Entropia 2020-02-08 15-00-42-81.png

    During the teleporter run, we got everyone Ant's land area TP -- Club Sweat ...
    I call it the "Alice in Wonderland" in Entropia Universe because of the big colorful plants and flowers.
    Gunner took the MBs on a Longu hunt for a bit while I continued to be busy and Shadow relaxed. :p
    Hey ... teleporter runs are a challenge for her at times, which is why she wears a hard hat during them. :D
    Afterward, she's getting ready for our St Patrick's event next month with her green top hat. :thumbsup

    Entropia 2020-02-08 16-06-21-17.png

    Entropia 2020-02-08 16-06-41-66.png

    Entropia 2020-02-08 16-09-46-16.png
  3. Klusek

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    Calypso field trip was very funny and i enjoyed it all the time. Here few screenshots :)
    Not everyday you see a wormhole...
    Entropia 2020-02-08 19.35.21.png and Desert with Huge Brains
    Entropia 2020-02-08 19.42.16.png or Monria SWAT
    Entropia 2020-02-08 19.58.16.png DME flying with Shadow :)
    Entropia 2020-02-08 19.58.27.png Trying to shoot down DME :)
    Entropia 2020-02-08 19.59.58.png Parking skills Lvl 200+
    Entropia 2020-02-08 21.08.14.png Monria Air Forces (even global is from Monria)
    Entropia 2020-02-08 21.14.33.png and last stop event SSI - sweating support iniciative. GZ for our two winners and thank you all for fun :) Entropia 2020-02-09 16.10.42.png
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    Great photos Klusek, and I like the captions too ... fun stuff ... glad you guys enjoyed the field trip. :thumbsup
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