Monrian Born & Space Travel | Important Changes | as of Mon, 4/27/20

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    As a result of the enormous growth in our Monrian Born population, we have had to re-evaluate the Monrian Born Program and make some changes in order to continue operating at a level that will benefit all who are served by our Community Initiative Programs (CIP).

    The main changes have been made to the Monria Space Travel Program as it relates to our Monrian Born. Please take the time to review the updates and understand what the changes are, but also what is now required in conjunction with the free Monrian Born space travel benefit.

    However, a portion of the update also relates to anyone who travels with us during our warp schedules on both Fridays and Sundays. Specifically, each passenger has to have their own transportation down to a planet at low orbit. We cannot guarantee a ride down to the planet at low orbit, and ask that you not expect it please.

    You can review the changes here --> Monrian Born Program and How it Works

    An important alert has also been added to the Monria Space Travel Sign-up thread.

    Thank You

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