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    Hey Monria!

    The Monrian Born Starter Kit originally had its roots in us wanting to help new players in those first few days on Monria to be able to learn the game and play enough to be able to make an informed decision as to whether they stick around or not. There were just far too many players who logged in, got frustrated, logged out and were never seen again.

    It started really with random acts of generosity to new players, we handed out guns, faps and ammo to new players we met and tried to help them understand EU. Over time we grew and became more structured and organised in our approach. By this I mean DME put organisation and structure in place :D

    The CIP program has grown into something quite special that has been very effective in increasing the amount of new players that come to Monria and stick around. The combination of DME's leadership and the community support has really helped new players.

    One aspect of the CIP that helps new players is the Monrian Born Starter Kits that we hand out to new players who start on Monria. My reasoning for supporting this was always quite simple. If we could spend a little bit of PED on each new player to give them the opportunity to play and not deposit then they would get to know EU a little and hang around long enough to make an informed decision.

    Needless to say handing out free stuff in an RCE is open to abuse and I've never been naive enough to think this hasn't been the case in some instances. I never talk about this publicly as that would only make the matter worse and encourage abuse through teaching people how to get free ped! This hasn't been an issue for the most part over the last few years because I can tell by the analytics I do that there are enough players who have stuck with us to make it worth while.

    As we have grown, a greater number of people know about us. Through referrals and both organic and paid marketing we have seen an influx of new Monrian Borns. As a result the amount of Monrian Born Starter kits we have been giving out has also increased. To the point where a few months ago I stopped my paid marketing campaigns and analysed the player behavior. This is something I do periodically to understand what works and what doesn't so I can adjust accordingly. This is what I discovered:
    • A large percentage of our Monrian Borns sign up through no marketing campaign, no referral link, no back link or search engine but directly via a long affiliate link URL (something that would have been copied and pasted or in favorites for example).
    • Again a large number of these new players very quickly go from signup, through thule and collect their starter kit.
    • The vast majority of these players then log out and never login again.
    This is something that really started happening at the beginning of this year at least to an extent that I
    can no longer accept.

    It is with some regret that effective immediately and for the reasons above I am cancelling the Monrian Born Starter Kit. I just cannot justify spending hundreds of dollars a month when so little of it is going toward helping new players on Monria. It is unfortunately one of those things where once the cat is out of the bag there is no turning back.

    Going forward I will invest instead in paid marketing to bring in even more players and focus on new player content in my development plans.

    I will also review our other CIP programs, including the sweat buying to ensure that our PED is being used effectively to support our mission of bringing genuine new players to Monria and EU. If something isn't helping us to grow then we will adjust accordingly.


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