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During the course of a repair skilling run, there are general guidelines to keep in mind that would be helpful in facilitating a smooth session. The MRSP Management Team and Pilots are there to guide you through each session and what would work best, so it's of importance to be mindful of their direction please.


  • be sure to remove your loot from the Materials and Mined Resources tabs in your inventory
  • -----> TT your loot, or place in your storage on Monria before a repair skilling run
  • -----> there is a Trade Terminal on the Yamato if you need to use it
  • you can access the Yamato from Monria using the following steps, and there's no fee
  • -----> use any TP on Monria to go to the Monria Space Station (SS)
  • ---------> there is a drop down menu at the top right of the TP map
  • -----> use the Space Station TP (white globe) to teleport to the Yamato
  • say hello to your fellow repair skillers and crew, and maintain mutual respect at all times
  • keep the Yamato chat channel active, and follow the direction of the Pilot assigned to the repair run
  • --- a Yamato Pilot may direct you to use the Force chat channel which is internal ship area only
  • only enter Co-Pilot or Gunner Seat when Pilot has given permission to do so
  • be sure not to block other people repairing, especially at the Hangar where panel is small
  • if you must go AFK, it's best to do it at the Propulsion or Hangar panels, and not the Command Center
  • if you do go AFK, please inform the Pilot when leaving, and again upon your return
  • inform the Pilot if you are leaving a repair station to go to another, and from where to where
  • -----> For example ... HH>RR
  • please do not leave the ship during a repair skilling run unless you have to go back to the SS
  • inform the Pilot if you are leaving the ship through the portal so you don't end up in a mob mess
  • when the Pilot asks the crew to report in, use this response please --> @CC, @RR, @PP, @HH
  • -----> the abbreviated codes are listed below for reference
  • keep the game in Window Mode so that the autotool keeps going
  • -----> using Alt + Tab in full screen will cause your repair tool to pause
  • at the end of a repair skilling run, please depart the ship, especially if there is a travel schedule
  • -----> if you are traveling with us and are not eligible for the free travel program, there will be a fee
  • -----> as a paying customer, the fee is 6 ped during our free travel program schedule
  • -----> Pilots have access to a list that identifies all passengers as free travel or paying customer
Please be considerate and mindful of these guidelines to help make each session fun.

Thank you.



MS = Mothership
SS = Space Station
RR = Reactor
PP = Propulsion
CC = Command Center
HH = Hangar
GS = Gunner Seat
TG = Training Ground
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