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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by LokoMotive, Nov 19, 2017.

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    I am posting this incase you guys dont understand what hunters want and how to make things clearer for hunters. I will concentrate on cultist.
    I am sure there is a great storyline behind cultist names and that is great for those who know it. Most hunters including myself just dont know what the storyline is and i only know there are small cultist L7 and cultist boss L36... Ktan, prosecutor, sectant, enthusiast, whatever those names are... basicly they are confusing for most of entropia hunters.
    My suggestion would be to change the names into young-mature-old scheme... but doesnt realy matter

    The biggest part of my suggestion is to make all mobs show on same EL-entropia life profile. Hunters like me will check mob like cultist and see only small ammount of small globals and just forever skip that mob will not even give it a chance to try it out.
    Best option is to be similar to Atrox slayer or Atrox queen... wich they show on EL profile... If ktans would be on EL profile than weekly&montly highest loot would be higher, number of globals would be higher... evrything would be more tempting for hunters to give them a try.

    Would be great if yog bosses would be linked in yog profile aswell.
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    Hey Loko, thanks for the feedback

    On the names in the mob ladder, I actually like it and I think the threat level is a pretty good indicator as to the relative difficulty of the mobs. This obviously isn't an exact science with all the different attributes of mob maturities, such as health, dmg types, regen and other factors. There's no plan to change this.

    The grouping in the entropialife profiles is really an Entropia Life thing and I'm not too sure how actively they are developing these things, I know they are pretty busy. I will bring it up with the guys as a suggestion though once I get the work on the mobs finished.


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