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    Hey guys!

    A big part of what we're trying to do on Monria is help new players to experience Entropia Universe at its best. For me, this is one of our top priorities, and if we can make a small contribution to the number of new players, then it benefits us all. So we've been reviewing our community initiatives for a number of months and looking at ways we can improve on what we do as a team.

    With this in mind, we are making some changes. The full details will be provided by @Dark Moon Enigma in the near future but here's a brief overview:

    Monrian Born Program

    Rosa and Raine have kindly agreed to help us by leading this initiative. Our goal is to give Monrian Born Players the best possible experience regardless of location or disciple status.
    • Distribution of starter packs
    • Regular field trips - we will take our new borns through various starter missions across the planets and support them in completing them so that they can take advantages of the rewards and free gear while learning about the game.
    • We will utilize the free travel program and accompany new players in groups and support them in completing starter missions in week long excursions and engage in fun group activities.
    Monria Volunteer Support Team (MVST)

    A lot of kind people have offered to support us in the past and we feel that a volunteer group is the best way to facilitate this going forward. We want a flexible way for people to contribute to our efforts when their game time allows. This will be a pool of people that we will ask for support from time to time. :)
    • Monrian Born Program - helping on the field trips during the week, supporting new players, providing guidance and support.
    • Small Events - we want to run more events during the weekend, with perhaps smaller prizes and more fun activities
    • Team Events - let's do more team events just for the fun of it, take down Shubs with TT weapons
    • Official Monria Events - for example, our St Patrick's event next year will coincide with us exhibiting at Gamercon so we'll need help if we're to make this as much fun as the last one.
    • Volunteers that aren't eligible for free travel will be able to use the flight service during volunteer business.
    Monria Mentors
    • We will create a section on the forum where mentors can list themselves as a Monria Mentor and provide information about themselves.
    • This will be for Monria Mentors to let 'Monrian Borns' know a little more about themselves, and a place where they can interact with their Disciples.
    • We will remain neutral on the choice of Mentor but will publish some guidelines for Disciples to help them make an informed decision.
    As part of these changes we will be disbanding the Official Mentor Program and the Monria Team Ambassadors Program. I'm also delighted that these guys have agreed to join us in the Monria Volunteer Support Team and I want to say a big thank you for all you have done for us so far! They will also remain on the VIP list of Yamato in recognition of their efforts and can avail of free travel during our scheduled flights regardless of any other eligibility requirements.

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    Dark Moon
    Just as a heads up -- I am in the process of creating the new Monrian Born Program section and will be adding content throughout the day, so be patient and you will soon know what it's all about and how it works.

    I ask that you please not post anything in that area until I have content and you know where and what to post.

    Thank you. :)

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